2012 Resolution Goals – Plus FREE Cheatsheets and My Predictions

2012-resolutionsWow, it’s hard to believe that 2011 is about ready to retire and 2012 come in as the New Year into our lives.  2012 is closing down really quickly as I write this, but take notice that nothing comes about without change.  I really hope you had some good holidays and that your poised on what 2012 could bring into your life.  It seemed like just yesterday where I was writing down my 2011 Goals in another blog post just a year before hand.


I don’t know about you, but I’m prepared to set myself up for success in 2012.  2011 was a decent year for most even though we may still be weathering a recession.


I really do want to get you to take a glimpse back for what was a very eventful 2011.  What made 2011 what it was?  What are some lessons or skills you may have gained?  I’m sure you could come up with quite a list of these rhetorical questions to ask yourself, but the most important issue is that you learn from them and gain perspective going in fresh for the New Year.


More Mentionable Happenings of 2011

As with most years, 2011 carried with it some really big newsworthy mentions.  I mean I can recall events worth mentioning like:


  • Bill Jobs, Apple’s Founder and CEO, passed on to a new life
  • People got fed up enough with Wall Street’s greed and staged their own ‘Occupy’ Wallstreet’ stance, later came Occupy everything else
  • The Japanese Tsunami claimed many lives caused by their massive earthquake.  I blogged on pledging support for the Japanese Tsunami victims. The world showed just how compassionate and caring it could be in helping our neighbors in the Asia-Pacific.
  • The Euro Debt Financial Tragedy that engulfed that side of the world as the Euro currency held on for dear life.
  • Lots more than I can actually mention here…..


My Bold Predictions for 2012

I actually feel that 2012 will be a good and rebounding year for the economy, finances and prosperity overall.  I was thinking back all the way to around 2007-2008 where there was a pivotal swing and financial experts were waiting for the bubble to burst on the housing market and it really did go bust in a short amount of time.  People got too greedy, unfair and unscrupulous loans were concocted and those most unfortunate suffered the aftermath.  Ever since then people have been crying a recession. 


 I say it’s time that we take back our voice and pull up the boot strings as the economy is slowly making a turn-around.  If a growth spurt is around the corner, it will come sooner rather than later and now is your opportunity to change with it.


Here’s my advice to create your own mini-economy around yourself:

1.   Stay positive.  Yes, this has been beaten to death a bit but it really is true. How you feel changes your outlook on life and attracts more opportunity while taking away the negative.

2.   Watch less news, learn to live more.  If it’s that important, you’ll hear it from someone anyway

3.   Surround yourself with positive peers.  Get used to a better set of friends, it really makes a difference.

4.   Never stop learning.  Learn what you need to progress.

5.   Take inspired action on what you learn.  Stop reinventing the wheel and good things will happen from your finances to your personal ambitions and everything in between.

6.   Make sure to read my post on setting achievable goals.  Many people set resolutions that are over almost as soon as they set them


Turbo Boost Your Positivity and Results in 2012

I’m going to be letting you in on a little secret on what has really helped me all these years on my way to true Financial Freedom!  Are you ready for this one?  The secret that many people around the planet don’t realize is that we actually think in pictures.  Don’t believe me?  Let me prove it – please picture with me a Green Lion driving a Convertible Ferrari with the top down and eating a red juicy apple.  Hah, can you see this in your mind’s eye?  Of course you can, also notice that the text that I said above didn’t pop into your head not one time.  This concretes the fact that we think in pictures and visuals.


In any case, you may ask where I’m going with this – fair enough.  What if you could link positive visuals and outcomes deeply into your subconscious by physically seeing these images at a whim or call them up whenever you want?  Surprise, but these kinds of visualization tools already exists and they’re called Vision Boards or Dream Maps, Dream Boxes and even treasure maps.




Image by Shawn of themillionairesecrets.net

I first got my start with setting up vision boards by picking up  The Complete Vision Board Kit: Using the Power of Intention and Visualization to Achieve Your Dreams from respected Self Improvement and Law of Attraction coach, John Assaraf.  You might have even seen John Assaraf on tv and didn’t even realize it. 

If you’ve watched the highly acclaimed movie, The Secret – John was one of the highly respected speakers on the show. 



Just What is a Vision Board? –  Glad you asked, but a vision board is usually a canvas like a bulletin board covered with pictures, visuals and even captivating text and speeches on what you’d like to accomplish in your life.


I built my first vision board with John’s vision board and the rest is history.  Seeing Visuals of what I want to accomplish along with your goal setting strategy will propel you towards more and more success.  So, get started building your own vision board today and start visualizing yourself towards positive outcomes and a life that you really want to live.


For those of you that would like to make a video vision board on a pc, you could make a mind movie which would accomplish the same thing except with animation.  I’m starting to explore this a bit more myself.


I’m going to do one better in helping you set meaningful goals

Below this post, you’ll find a cheat sheet to helping you set meaningful goals for 2012 and also a template for the various types of goals you should set


Wishing you a Happy and Blessed 2012!


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  • rebecca flavin

     Having a vision
    board is a great idea. I want to lead a healthy and fit life and so my vision
    board will have quotes and images related to fitness. I will put of images of
    fit people who will inspire me to lose weight.

  • Anonymous

    Great point Rebecca.  In fact, you can have multiptle vision boards relating to the category that you choose to attract those things you want in life.


  • Anonymous

    Great post. I will definitely use the tips and put into pratice the cheat sheets. I will also forward to others too.

  • Anonymous

    Great! Look forward to seeing your results.