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How Working Hard Today Can Equal Early Retirement Tomorrow

Early Retirement

I’d like to start off this post by challenging you to think about retirement outside of the normal, status quo.  Think about this, what have we all learned about retirement from our beginning working age till now for the most part?  We’ve been taught to work hard, put all of our money in a 401K […]

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Financial Freedom = Life Freedom


  I want to start off this blog post to explain the importance of Financial Freedom and what great changes it can bring in your own life.  I’m a big proponent and ally of Financial Freedom and also one of it’s best allies.  I’m not really the most qualified if you want to look at […]

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5 Great Places to Retire to Once You Are Financially Free


Guest Post by Andreas. If life is a journey, for many a great stop along the way is to reach the point of financial freedom. With the mortgage paid off, the children having moved on and the prospect of even more satisfying years ahead, that perfect move to a new place seems well deserved.   […]

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4 Reasons Why You Should Change Your Investment Strategy When You Turn 50


Guest Post by Allan Jones Some people make investments early on in their careers. There on in, they do not chop or change much and the returns keep coming. As a person gets older, priorities change and this is why changing investment strategies is important as well. When you are reaching old age, retirement is […]

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