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Six Financial Planning Tips for Your First Baby


Many people will tell you that if you wait until you’re financially ready to have your first baby, you’ll never do it. While this can be true, there are many things you can do before you start trying to conceive that can save you money and worries down the line.  Here are six tips that […]

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Roadmap on How to Be a Millionaire


This is my Roadmap on How to Be a Millionaire and I have faith that following what I talk about will get you to that level of Financial Freedom.  Here’s the good news, what I’m about to share with you has worked for millions of self made millionaires and can work for you too!   […]

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Can Investing In Property Help You To Become Financially Free?


Investing in property may take very good credit and a hefty down payment upfront, but the rewards can be tremendous. Countless investors have found themselves on their way to financial freedom after a successful property investment, but it all depends on what your individual goals are.    Know What You Want It’s important to set […]

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Build That Emergency Fund !


Today, I wanted to talk about the Emergency Fund and why it’s absolutely paramount that you build one.  We’re going to dissect what is an emergency fund, why it pays to build one and all the other whistles so that you can see why it pays to get started as soon as humanly possible.   […]

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