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As I’m writing this, we are on the 8th hour of a 14 hour trek to Bora Bora in the Pacific.  Last night, arrived in LA just to be notified that our final leg decided to cancel our tickets because of a time to departure technicality.  This lead to using LAX airport as our personal hotel with some of the worst sleeping arrangements known to modern man (picture sleeping on a chair and using luggage as a pillow).  Why stay at LAX? I’m glad you asked, seems the NBA all star game is in town and every hotel /motel within the metro area is booked solid.  No thanks to Delta or Air France, thanks a lot there guys.

So, what have been the positive parts of the trip so far?  Well, I’ve used the long commute on the planes here to take the time to actually learn during the downtime.  Yes, you heard right, it’s times like these where you can use to your advantage.  Good thing I stocked up on the reading material and loaded up the Ipod with goodies.   Just what have I been studying?  Here’s my concise list so far:

Premium Inspiration Resources Studied:

  • John Chow’s – Make Money Online: Roadmap of a Dot Com Mogul. This is not your average rehashed internet marketing crap. I’d like to refer to this as Blogging Business in a Box and John pulls no punches showing his blueprint with actionable steps to how he makes 40K a Month as a Pro Blogger.  Highly recommended read, I got my copy signed directly by John.
  • Tim Ferriss’ – 4 Hour Work Week – Expanded and Updated edition.  This edition is not to be reckoned with, although it’s a bit dated, it is the ultimate lifestyle tool on outsourcing while becoming super productive and putting you back in focus.  It’s books like these that inspire me to travel to far away lands and put up with lousy airline service, not forgetting the destination to be the end goal.  His tutorial on how he packs one bag under 10 pounds and travels the world – this alone is worth the read.
  • Sean Collins’ – NLP mindset videos to attracting money. This set of audio mp3s, I loaded up on my iPod along with other brain reprogramming tools.  These NLP style videos help work your subconscious to help unclog the root causes of why you could be blocking more money from being attracted into your life.  This audio set is a good listen and should be added to anyone’s playlist that is serious about their own personal development.
  • Jason Fladlien and Robert Plank – Easy Product Creation.  I’ve had this little gem on my playlist for a while and finally give it a good listen.  These two guys are wizards are what they do and I’m convinced you need your own product – offline or online (info product or software) to really lead to a life of financial freedom.
  • Switch: How to Change Things when Change is hard. A Best Seller for a long time and once #2 on Amazon’s Business books, this is really is an eye opening read, I’m up to Chapter 3 as I write this and mesmerized by how profound change can be once we get the rational and emotional sides of a problem corrected.  Chip and Andy Heath did a brilliant job on this one.  I checked the reviews on Amazon and it must have 4 ½ stars rating for a reason (paperback edition).

As I’m writing this, unfortunately I couldn’t be as cool as a similar blog post by John Chow where he was blogging from 30,000 Ft. but with Free Wifi access on his plane ride.  See his What happens to Doritos at 30000 Feet post.

So, back to the Bora Bora and French Polynesian islands focus.  Just exactly what do I expect to learn from the experience?  First and foremost here is my short list:

  • To completely recharge and have a good vacation – make those 13-14 hours of plane ride well worth it.
  • Learn more about their culture and experience the beauty that these islands possess.
  • Practice a few outsourcing tricks like I learned from Tim Ferriss while living large.  Tyrone Shum of TyroneShum.com is another excellent source of outsourcing for lifestyle design that I listen to regularly.
  • Spend some quality time with the significant other.  Isn’t that what life is really about?
  • Experience an adventure outside of my comfort zone.  When I was a kid, I hated roller coasters.  Over time, I programmed my brain that a lot of my fear was unfounded and now I absolutely love thrill rides.  I’m sure they will be at least something thrilling that I could try that I’ve never done before. Work on expanding your own comfort zone.
  • Practice frugality to minimize and completely eliminate any chances of debt accumulation.  I’m a Financial Freedom Blogger after all.
  • Use this trip as an ultimate guide of inspiration to really bring out the best in myself and what I would like to accomplish financially as well in terms of lifestyle design.
  • Reminisce on what I have learned here and determine what is the biggest takeaway of this trip.

So, where’s the first stop?  Well, fortunately, we’ll be taking the most economical way of seeing these French Polynesian chain of islands.  We’ll be taking a cruise around the islands and see just what each island has to offer.

If you’ve ever been on a cruise, consider RCL or Princess Cruises (the latter is what we’ll be using).  Cruising through these islands with one day port of calls at each stop, represent the best bang for the buck.  Flying from island to island and staying at hotels is another good way, but of course will add significant cost to your trip.

Ok, to end off this post, let me say if you are planning to do any long trips away from home, consider getting a professional travel agent to make certain you won’t have any hiccups along the way.  We missed our final leg plane because the connecting flight was leaving too close to when we arrived from our last stop, that and the airline did something they shouldn’t have done in the first place.  Ok, rant over, still worth it in the end.  We’re hopping on the last flight today and we’ll end up in the pearl of the Pacific.

I hope this blog post helped inspire you or maybe you are already planning or even travelling to experience the wonderful things another destination has to offer.

Have an airline mix-up of your own or had your own adventure where you travelled to exotic locations?  Would love to hear it, join me in the discussion by commenting.  Make sure you sign up to the Full RSS Feed to make sure you never miss another post on FEB as well.

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