What Rapper – 50 Cent – Could Teach You About Investing


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It was a day like any other, I was minding my business and came across some entertaining news.  In any case, the title I saw on the screen was a shocker.  Rapper 50 cent had just made 8.7 Million Dollars promoting one of his favorite penny stocks.


Intrigued, I had to learn the answer of how easy it was for this guy that came from what most would call poor conditions to being one of the most renowned rappers today.  Even if you don’t agree with rap, don’t like rap , think it’s crap e.t.c. – that point is moot, as it’s not what I’m talking about today.  50 cent had just made a colossal sum of money from simply thinking outside the box a little.  The result was a very big payday on his end (it’s not like he needs the money). 


So, how did he make this new level of riches?  By endorsing a favorite penny stock of his to his 3.8 Million Twitter followers. Yes, 3.8 Million with an ‘M’.


Interestingly enough, many were on the bull horn quickly to see if any of the conventional rules of stock investing that the SEC sanctions were broken.  In reality, there was none – even though many would argue that it was a borderline ‘pump’ to inflate almost worthless stock.  Read how 50 backs away from shady investments.


The concept I’d like you to take away from this whole story is the following:

1.   You can get super results by using some leverage.  In this case, 50 cent used his leverage of fame to persuade many of his followers to mimic his behavior of buying specific stock because he believed in it.

2.   Anyone with a little creative thinking can build wealth quickly if you think non-conventionally.

Since making the fortune with stocks, 50 cent has of course shied away from borderline ‘pumping’ stocks publicly as he used to as far as most can tell. 


It doesn’t mean that the guy doesn’t still know how to take business ventures seriously.  The point being made here is that it doesn’t take a whiz kid or someone born into ‘old money’ to get even richer. 


You can build wealth on your own terms by figuring out what’s your greatest way of using leverage to your advantage.  Maybe it’s purchasing quality real estate at a deep discount and you making great gains once the housing market bounces back.  It might be that you could get angel investors on board for one of your killer concepts that you want to develop. 


The list goes on but the biggest takeaway should be to start thinking outside the box.  That’s what I’m currently working on as well.  I’m not a millionaire yet as of this writing, but I’ve got very good laid out plans on how to get there.  What about yourself, have you got a good treasure map of building wealth a bit at a time and finally earning Financial Freedom?  Nothing will get you wealthy quite as fast as getting rid of bad debts / loans / consumer debt  so put that at your highest check off on your priority list.


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