The 7 Habits of Highly Efficient People

Today, I want to take a look at the 7 Habits of Highly Efficient People and what makes them successful.  By now, I’m sure you’ve realized that I’ve been inspired from the readings of Steven R. Covey’s, “7 Habits of Highly Effective People“


 If you’ve never studied any of Covey’s earlier work, I highly endorse it as it’s possibly one of the best and highly used framework courses to help individuals and businesses to succeed and thrive.


 I’ve decided to write on what the 7 Habits of Highly Efficient People and how you can absorb what you learn here and put into immediate action in your daily life.  So, just what makes a person highly efficient and become more effective than many of their peers?  Let’s go ahead and take a look at what I’ve determined to be key factors:


Habit #1 – Positivity Radiates from the Utmost Being

Highly efficient people usually start their days on a positive note from the get-go.  This means being positive from early morning and staying positive throughout their day. 


They also know it’s all about their mindset that makes all the difference and this allows them to display confident behavior.  These traits help to make them attractive and people actually want to be around them.


Practicing Affirmations

Highly efficient people have known to start their day with daily affirmations to begin with.  By starting the day with positive affirmations, it can help set your complete day up for positivity. By positively reinforcing for at least 30 days and then beyond, you will see a huge enhancement in your mental and your own confidence will usually rise.


Habit #2 – The Mental Mindset of a Giant to Succeed

Highly efficient people also determine with their utmost being that they will do what is necessary to make it and become a success.  By taking small actionable steps, it helps to ensure that they move little by little towards their utmost goals. 


The unrelenting confidence that supports them is then just a by-product of their earlier mindset setting techniques.  It’s all about conditioning the mind for the level of achievement needed.


Habit #3: Constant Work on Continual Education

One of the biggest factors that separate those highly efficient people from their competitors are that they are determined to never stop learning.  Constantly work on their education gives them a very distinct edge over others that stay stagnant in their learning.


Think about it, if you want to learn about something, you could research it by reading a book and at a higher level course on it.  By positioning themselves as experts in certain fields, highly efficient people can quite easily become seen as a authority in their respective field or chosen profession. 


A big difference is that these personality types also help people to learn as well.  Sharing the knowledge is a key difference that reciprocates value in who they come into contact with.


Habit #4: Fosters Great Relationships

In studying highly efficient people, it’s usually imperative that their own immediate family comes first.  They place a great emphasis on family relationships and that family comes first and foremost.  Yet, they also are known to foster those outside business and other relationships with people.


Usually, they are a joy to be around resulting in more business and networking opportunities.  Not only that, but the relationships they foster aren’t all about business.  They usually make relationships with others and known as a ‘people’ person. 


Habit #5: Excellent Time and Money Managers

If you don’t value your time and money, chances are, other’s won’t value them as well.  Like I mentioned in an earlier post, “Become A Better Money Manager” ; it’s a perfect example of why you must have a healthy relationship with money. 


Usually, money is a tool to help keep the economy going and at a personal level can give you more freedom.  Highly efficient people know this fact and practice to always save more than they spend and build wealth as opposed to squandering it off without remorse.


These people are usually also very good at time management.  In fact, most of these personality types have take good time management courses and realize that time really is money and make an effective use of their time.  Time is an asset that shouldn’t be wasted and they understand that concept profusely.  They all have time management skills and make very productive use of the time they have available to them.


Habit #6: Living a Healthy and Happy Life

Being healthy and happy for no reason other than enjoying their life, usually exemplifies the way that these personality types choose to spend their lives.  Contrast this with non-exercising and miserable personality types.  There is a distinct link between keeping yourself healthy and actually living a happy life.


Great emphasis is placed on the importance of exercise and eating right.  When you exercise and stay active, ‘feel good’ types of endorphins are released into your brain resulting in better mood swings.  So, you can see why regular exercise and living and active lifestyle can help keep you happy.


Eating right has a huge effect on staying healthy.  Always monitor what you eat and your food intake.  Highly efficient people always monitor their diet and eat foods that are congruent to keeping them happy. 


Habit #7: Becoming a Real Philanthropist

Lastly, this habit is one of the most important accolades of the 7 Habits of Highly Efficient People.  By becoming a philanthropist, these types of people learn to give back to the society in which they have prospered.


By giving back, you help the generous need for charities and other non-profit organizations to be effective in your community.  Helping those less fortunate than ourselves, helps exemplify the human nature of philanthropy must exist in society in order for all of society to benefit.


Another important aspect is teaching people what you’ve learned.  To pass down those very effective leadership values can be picked up by others and they can pass them down to other generations as well.  It’s really what keeps the social fabric of society together for the common good.


Ok, so let me ask you this, what types of habits do you possess. Join the conversation by commenting below!

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