A New Concept – Business Tuesday

I’ve been toying with the idea for a while of helping to bring entrepreneurs or even those just interested in business together as a like minded group.


A concept where you can simply just look up very informative and engaging topics of business straight from the Financially Elite Blog.


I then came up with a brilliant idea called “Business Tuesday” – where I’d indulge readers in very helpful and hopefully great discussion posts that they could use in their online business.  I’m excited about this concept and believe in the medium to long term strategy of these goals to help great readers such as yourself.


How It Will Work

When a great topic comes up, it will be featured on a Tuesday of the month, hence the name – Business Tuesday.  Of course, I’m still toying with the concept but it will go from concept to reality very quickly, as if you’ve been reading the blog for some time, you’ll know that I endorse taking action because I’m an action taker myself.


Here’s an array of topics / format that Business Tuesday will feature:

  • Guest blog posts by those knowledgeable in the business arena – best posts featured.  (Interested?  See the Writer’s Section).
  • Blog Posts on real entrepreneurship based on my real life experiences on what it takes to succeed.
  • Featured tools / utilities / learning materials that can take your business to the next level.  Reviews might be in order.
  • Interviews where necessary with influential business characters where needed.
  • Maybe some case studies of real life characters on how they were able to propel their business.
  • How to make it in offline business (brick and mortar) as well as non-traditional means of leveraging online business to make you see results quicker.


So, I’m excited about this one and will possibly start the first part of December, 2011.  We’ll wait and see, but do make sure you never miss a post and stay updated with this by joining the RSS Feed.


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