A Review of Yaro Staraks Membership Site Mastermind Course


Who is Yaro Starak?

Yaro is a very successful, Australian Blogger from Brisbane that has also opened his own Membership Site Mastermind course.  This course teaches his students how to establish credibility through the use of Blogging and ultimately start their own Membership Site in their chosen niche.

My Personal Review

The Membership Site Mastermind Course gets 5 stars on how a Membership Site Program should be taught.  They are many cheap imitations that I personally investigated but did not like compared to this course.  In fact, this is the best course on the Internet that I’ve found on building your own Profitable Membership Site and really building your expertise in a chosen niche online.  Yaro really delivers in this exciting course and does not disappoint.  His focus and attention to detail is excellent and makes learning fun while intuitive.  He over-delivers on the value of his content to his students.

The only thing I wish the course hit on more is that If you are looking for advanced SEO tactics or Serious Copywriting skills, you might actually need some supplementary resources on the subject.

Quick Update: Membership Site Mastermind opens October 27th, 2009 at about 9 AM.  To get a spot make sure to keep reading.

This course is jam packed with very valuable content like Yaro’s Personal Coaching Calls, supplementary Content and lots of good info. in the core Modules below.  I’ve rated it 5 stars because I feel it’s an excellent course to guide you to start your own Membership Site and content.  See the Core Modules below.

  • MODULE 1: Topic Selection & Preeminence – In this module you learn all about how to really establish your niche and learn how to develop your credibility on the Internet.
  • MODULE 2: Traffic Generation – Yaro teaches you how to build Web Traffic to your site naturally but effectively using great resources and tools to promote yourself on the web.  Google will absolutely love your site.
  • MODULE 3:  Human Resources & Technology – Here is where you find and outsource the help needed to running your site and handle your Technology needs.
  • MODULE 4:  Content & Pricing  – In Module 4, You are shown and taught how to produce Content relevant to your site as well as how to price your membership site the right way.
  • MODULE 5:  The Launch Process – This Module is worth more than possibly as much as the whole course, the most Successful Online Gurus use the art of the Product Launch to build buzz around launch time increasing your success rate.  This module shows you how.
  • MODULE 6:  Post Launch – After your membership is launched, Yaro shows the important way of supporting your members and also keeping your sales funnel open to keep attracting more members into your Site.

Before you sign up for Yaro’s Course, you should definitely pickup a copy of his Membership Site Masterplan Report which maps out the fundamentals of Membership Site Building and some very good Blogging information is also sprinkled throughout the report.  It’s about 50 Pages or so long, but can be read over in an afternoon.  If you are like me, you will be fired up to run your own successful blog and membership site product after reading the report.

Membership Site MasterMind will be going live to the public on October 27th, 09 and will only be available for a few days.  So, hurry to reserve your copy.  It has helped me tremendously to build a credible Blog and even planning on lauching a solid, Membership Site product in 1st Quarter, 2010.  You can learn more about Membership Site Mastermind plus get a more in-depth review here: http://www.membership-site-mastermind-review.com/

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