If you haven’t reached where you really want to be in your life to date, it may be because of a lack of accountability. To really get where you are going, you want to keep track of your progress by setting a few mini-goals and then taking an accountability check every so often. I’ve been guilty of not doing this in the past myself, so don’t feel bad. The important thing is to simply take stock of your life from now and turn over a new leaf.


 So, for a few starters, here is a list of things I recommend to get some accountability in your life of where you want to go:

(1) Set little, Mini-goals weekly that will take you to a favorable result. For example, you may have a monthly goal that you bring in an extra $500.00 for the month, you would set your goals around this.

(2) Get a good accountability coach. Like one of my previous posts, “Get a Mentor”. This is an excellent way of giving an account of how far you are getting with your goals. This could be a life or business coach that you pay a nominal fee or even a spouse as an accountability partner. The important thing is to see where you need to focus on achieving what you set out to do.

(3) Make your goals measureable and attainable. Never put out unrealistic goals. Make goals that are attainable and realistic. For example, your goal should never to be to make a Million dollars in a year if you’ve never hit $100,000 in a year.

(4) Reward and Mark your Progress. You can only get where you are going if you remember to first record and reward yourself for the things you have already achieved. You will fail faster, but also succeed faster with this method as your reward system keeps you going full on towards your goals.

(5) Teach others. Once you’ve hit a good milestone, always remember to give back in some form or another. This may simply be to hold a get out of debt session for a few family and friends or giving back as a volunteer on a short trip to Calcutta!


I hope you enjoyed this post and look forward to your feedback. As always, please feel free to share this positive post with others.

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