Affirmations 101


The best Way to combat negative self talk and build positive reinforcement is through the use of affirmations in your own life.  What are Affirmations?  They are those little positive dialog sets that we say to ourselves and visualize how these sayings can affect us in our everyday lives.

How To, the 101 of Affirmation sets

(1)   Determine your goals

(2)   Compile an action plan and create your affirmations to go with your goals. There are many ways to keep your affirmations top of mind. Here are some good ways to practice and work your affirmations to make sure they are effective.

Review your affirmations at least three times a day. First thing in the morning as you wake up is an excellent time then about mid-day and once shortly before going to sleep. Use any down time as well.

Use the time while you stand in line, or waiting at the dentist or sitting in traffic. Every moment you have to yourself get in the habit of working through all of your affirmations.

In addition to your audio phrase repetition, you want to bring in the visual aspect as well. View your hand written flash cards, watch your prepared PowerPoint presentation, play the video and spend a few minutes to visualize the experience of having attained your goals. If  you are not near your digital presentations then just use your cards.

Add everything possible to this experience. Imagine the sounds, the smells, the feeling of the metal of your new car or the texture of the plants in your new garden. Visualize a picture of your vacation, arriving at the airport, taking a cab to your hotel, running on the beach, splashing in the surf.

Don’t just see the scene though, see yourself in the scene. You need to be in the picture, taking part and enjoying all that this experience is providing you with. Add all the elements of your senses from smells to touch, hearing, vision and taste.

You may also wish to have more visual triggers scattered around. Use index cards or make post card sized cards. Add your keywords onto these and maybe a small graphic or picture to liven it up. Put these cards up where ever you might spend time.

Place a card next to the kettle, on the fridge door, next to your tooth brush, on your work desk or computer monitor. Keep some in your car, tuck them into your purse or wallet. Your shirt pocket can take some, the umbrella stand. Put them where you will be reminded again and again.

If you are on the move, most of the day due to work or family commitments, then make a recording of your affirmation so that you can play this back on your MP3 player or a smart phone. You can get your friends and family to record congratulations and words of encouragement to go with your affirmations.

Create a screen saver with your affirmations and show it on your computer to remind you. You can even create a collage of your affirmations and use this as your new desktop scene. Be inventive and creative as to how you make new triggers for yourself so that your affirmations are in your mind.

By constantly engaging yourselves in affirmations, you build self confidence and positive reinforcement beliefs that can help to combat negative belief views and make you a more successful person in many areas of your life.

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