Attitude is Everything


Attitude isn’t just ‘something’, Attitude is everything! “A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.” Winston Churchill. Look at that quote alone says it all about people’s internal dialogue and more importantly, their attitude. One can see opportunities all around them yet the other sees nothing but difficulty. Doesn’t that sum it up for a majority of people on earth today? Has anyone ever told you that “You need an attitude adjustment”? I’m sure at some point in your life, someone has indeed mentioned that statement or a similar one to you. The important thing to take from this is your attitude is what most people can pickup up fairly quickly and easily.

Isn’t it in our best interest to then change our attitude for others benefit and how they perceive us to be? Ever heard the term, “You only get one chance to make a first impression”? I’m sure you have and it’s not just talking about how you look to people; it’s also about how they perceive you to be. What if on a first encounter, someone thought that you were just a greedy, self righteous bigot on first meeting them? Do you think it would be fairly hard to change their perception of you when you met them again? Yes, indeed. That is why our attitudes are the first thing we need to gut check and keep in order.

Attitudes can make or break you
Ever see how people flock to those with a good attitude and love to be around them but absolutely despise those that have a bad attitude? It’s hilarious, yet not really funny. You can learn a lot from people by just having the right attitude from the get go. A good method of checking your attitude is saying to yourself, “Is my attitude set properly today” and so forth. You can change your attitude on the drop of a dime. Feelings are just that, feelings. Ever had a bad day at work or something and you hear your favorite song come on the radio or your favorite tv show comes on air? Ever notice how your attitude changes and those bad feelings simply go away. It’s because feelings can be changed with a change of state. When we change our state, we can then change our attitude on a dime.

Practice makes Perfect
The more you practice having a good attitude, the more easily it gets to adjust your attitude to your situation. Practice checking your attitude and putting yourself in a state of having a good attitude in the mornings. You will notice that your whole day goes better. You may even realize that some miraculous things happen to you when you have the right attitude. Those that have the wrong attitude always get left behind and suffer from a lack of success in their own lives.

As always, look forward to your feedback or comments on the above post. Practice having the right attitude and know you will be quite successful in your endeavours.

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