Attract Your Abundance


Are you truly living up to what you can attract to yourself in the form of Abundance?  This is absolutely critical if you want to have total fulfillment in your life.  The way to attract abundance is totally through the mind.  When you have the mindset of attracting abundance, it’s amazing what you find will come your way.  It maybe a new house, a nice boat, an awesome relationship or even a Lifestyle freedom like you would never imagine.  It is undoubtedly your mind that will get your there.  The real power of the mind though is in your deliberate thoughts.  Thoughts are things and have the power to manifest themselves through the power of your subconscious.  How can I say that thoughts are actually things?  Simple, they have been measured as frequency on oscilloscopes and other electronic and brain monitoring devices.

You must first understand that thoughts are not just what occur in the brain.  They are a frequency of the mind that can be measured in electrical pulses and so on.  These frequencies are so powerful that they can attract and manifest themselves into something greater.  Want to see proof?  Simply go up to a stranger and simply think in your mind that you are a truly happy person and just start smiling.  I bet you get some sort of a response.  In fact, I wager it will be a positive response as well.  How powerful is the mind?  Well, it’s so powerful that man has been attempting to study it for centuries now and still does not completely understand the magnitude of what the mind entails and is completely capable of.

Now that you have a very primer on thoughts, just how do you attract your abundance?  The first thing to do is obviously picture your outcome.   Let’s say you want a boat that is just awesome and paid for.  The first thing would be is to feel the sea air on your face as you throttle over and skip over some light waves and feel the sea spray as you haul away from shore.  Hear the engines roar to life as you gun it ever so gingerly.  Picture yourself talking to a friend or significant other as you take your boat trip.  This is exactly how you need to attract abundance into your life.  It’s definitely not for small thinkers.  Like Donald Trump has always said, “Think Big”.

Probably the most effective way of attracting abundance really is through the power of meditation and deep thought.  Some subliminal music should be played lightly in the background as well.  It’s no doubt that the world is in a recession, but there is no reason why the power of your mind can’t get you out of this recession and into a deeper state of being than what is around you.  You definitely have to be different than the crowd to really attract positive things into your life.  Make a change now and practice attracting abundance from now.  Take 5 minutes after this post and definitely work on attracting more abundance into your life!

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