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Dwight Anthony blogs on helping readers to achieve Financial Freedom with Money and Personal Finance topics sprinkled with Personal Development throughout. The Blog is dedicated to like minded individuals in the pursuit of Life, Financial and Personal Freedom. We’ll help give you the toolset in order to become debt free, live your life fully and become successful and achieve Financial Freedom.

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How the Hobby of a Dollar Stretcher Can Lead to a Bigger Paycheck


Saving money and making ends meet between pay check’s has become a way of life for many people and while you may make some cutbacks or savings through necessity, you might also enjoy the satisfaction achieved from some penny pinching ideas. Learning how to make the most of your money and stretching the value of […]

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A Time for Thanksgiving

thanksgiving 2012

As I look back on almost the end of another year, it’s almost imperative that I give thanks and reflect on the blessings of the past year.   In fact, I really do feel and invite you to reflect with me on seeing the gratitude of being thankful for everything. I’m going to ask you […]

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What You Could Learn from the 2012 IronMan Triathlon


  On October 13, I watched with awe at some of the best athletes in the world compete in the 2012 IronMan Triathlon in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii.  This isn’t your normal run of the mill triathlon series.  It’s one of the toughest and gruelling endurance contests that literally put you through the ringer and tests all […]

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Why most “Entrepreneurs” Fail and How to Succeed


It’s been said that “there’s no worst boss at times than working for yourself”.  Interestingly enough, this saying does indeed hold some water and merit. Most Financial gurus out there would tell you that you won’t ever get ahead or get wealthy if you don’t start working for yourself and own your own business.   […]

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Five Things Financial Experts Say That Are Dumb


Introduction With the ongoing financial crisis, many individuals and households feel they need all the help they can get.  And there’s no shortage of expertise available. It’s easy to become overwhelmed by the sheer volume of financial advice out there.  Worse, a lot of self professed experts contradict one another. The truth is, some financial […]

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The Greatest Investment I’ve Ever Made…


I would like to go ahead and share with you what i’ve been reflecting on lately and it really hit me like a brick to the head on what I consider to be my best investment.  No, it’s definitely what most financial gurus might lead you to believe, but it really should be an imperative part […]

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Simple Ways to Teach Your Kids about Money…


When kids spend recklessly on their credit cards and get into debt you rebuke them for being careless. The funny part is, it is not totally their fault. As a parent it your responsibility to guide them with handling finances the right way. It may sound a tedious task but it is actually not so. […]

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The Mysterious Mojo of Compounding Interest


It’s no secret that there is a type of magic in Compounding Interest. This is the reason I plan to decipher compounding interest, so that smarter decisions can be made financially.   Everyone knows that financial planning and personal finance can get a bit boring.  On the other hand, consumerism and inheriting new debt is at an […]

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Using Forex to Achieve Financial Freedom


Financial freedom has become an American cliché. Everyone wants it, and there is no end to the number of companies promising to sell you that dream. The question is: why buy that dream at all? Why not learn how to achieve the dream of financial independence on your own?   You’ll need education, of course, […]

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25 Must-Have Habits of Self Made Millionaires


They understand and practice the art of saving money Most are excellent money managers The majority don’t spend like normal consumers Money works for them instead of against them They leverage investments to make them wealthier Understand the value of the dollar Philanthropy or giving back is paramount importance They use interest to make them […]

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Six Financial Planning Tips for Your First Baby


Many people will tell you that if you wait until you’re financially ready to have your first baby, you’ll never do it. While this can be true, there are many things you can do before you start trying to conceive that can save you money and worries down the line.  Here are six tips that […]

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Roadmap on How to Be a Millionaire


This is my Roadmap on How to Be a Millionaire and I have faith that following what I talk about will get you to that level of Financial Freedom.  Here’s the good news, what I’m about to share with you has worked for millions of self made millionaires and can work for you too!   […]

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Can Investing In Property Help You To Become Financially Free?


Investing in property may take very good credit and a hefty down payment upfront, but the rewards can be tremendous. Countless investors have found themselves on their way to financial freedom after a successful property investment, but it all depends on what your individual goals are.    Know What You Want It’s important to set […]

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Build That Emergency Fund !


Today, I wanted to talk about the Emergency Fund and why it’s absolutely paramount that you build one.  We’re going to dissect what is an emergency fund, why it pays to build one and all the other whistles so that you can see why it pays to get started as soon as humanly possible.   […]

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Save thousands of dollars in interest – pay off your mortgage early


Guest Post – Michael Edmondstone Your home mortgage is one of the biggest expenses you’ll have in your lifetime.  While some good arguments have been made about the advantages of making investments over paying down your mortgage early, the simple fact of the matter is that this strategy is much more financially risky for most […]

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How to Keep Your Relationship Healthy in the Face of Financial Burdens

How to Keep Your Relationship Healthy in the Face of Financial Burdens

This year on Valentine’s Day, I did something for my fiancé that I’ve never done before, and won’t ever do again — nothing.  I learned a valuable lesson, which I want to share with anyone who is in a relationship, struggling with money.   I’m typically romantic to a fault, going overboard at every occasion, […]

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Case Study Complete – I’ve Knocked Out $5000 In Debt !


Fresh off my last case study of knocking out $5000 in Debt, I took a bit of a hiatus on posting the progress and instead decided to work on knocking out the debt as an even higher priority.  Well, needless to say it’s paid off because I have now knocked out the original $5000 worth […]

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Gaining Financial Freedom through Lifestyle Changes


Guest Post by Susan Bekiroglu The greatest hurdle to successful debt relief lies in personal attitudes. Financial Freedom means setting and accepting limits, not just on spending- but on behavior. People who live debt free and who build wealth for the future change their lifestyle. They don’t want to do something about their finances. They […]

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