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On or around February 4th, 2010, Yaro Starak and Gideon Shalwick will be reopening their highly anticipated Become a Blogger Premium Course .  If you know anything about Gideon or Yaro, you will already know that their material is top notch and they even over-deliver on times of what you will learn in their course.  I’ve got to tell you, this is a high quality, very easy to learn Blogging program with great support as well as top notch learning methods.  This is not your normal, day-to-day – rehashed e-book or poor quality product that you will throw in the corner somewhere.  This represents a very dynamic way of becoming a Blogger that engages all your senses.  Quality Video, Audio and Module work is the norm sprinkled in with teleseminar and other methods of teaching.

Become a Blogger

If you are brand new to the Become a Blogger Course, you want to start with the FREE ‘Roadmap to Become a Blogger  Report’.  This report maps out what it takes to become a successful Blogger even if you do this full time or part time.  These guys show you the tricks and shortcuts to getting there in a lot less time instead of banging your head against the wall trying to figure things out.  This report is a defacto standard on what it takes on how to become a blogger online and make a part time or even full time income with your efforts.  You want to grab this Report.  See a short video on internet marketing with Gideon and Yaro below.

The New Ways of building an Attraction Marketing Blog

The thing I like about this program is that it uses the latest, cutting edge methods of driving traffic to your blog and keeping your visitors there for longer periods of time.  In any case, video marketing, Podcasting, content creation and much more is combined in this course for high retention and engaging the student. Yaro and Gideon have released their 10 Free Become a Blogger Videos to building a Blog from scratch as well.  These are a must watch and will get you started and I know that the content that you find in there, you will absolutely love.  This is real, high quality and relevant information that you can use right now to get a blueprint of building a very credible Blog.  Their formulas throughout the course will ensure that giant search engines such as Google will rate your content and index your site alot more than a static one.

How you Learn

The Become a Blogger Premium Course is segmented into bite size nuggets of information of lessons that you follow to Learn one lesson at a time.  I personally recommend learning one module at a time and implementing what you just learned.  This is the quickest way to advance in any program really.  Yaro and Gideon are really great teachers and you will advance quickly if you follow their steps and take action.  They give you all the tools you need to succeed, you just need to put action to them and follow through.   Gideon is a Video marketing guru and Yaro is an excellent Blogger and between them drive traffic of thousands to their sites daily.  To see what I mean, make sure to see the Free Impact Marketing Video that they released.  To see just how much of a multimedia guru Gideon is, see his ‘7 Killer YouTube Tips’ video .  This is a $13,000 Webinar lesson so don’t miss this.

What you Get

By signing up for Yaro and Gideon’s Blogger Course, you are really taking the first steps to really building a serious presence online.  They teach you not only how to make it as a professional blogger but share life skills that you retain as well.  Go ahead and sign up for this course as I have no reservations in steering you away from it.  I have rated this course and their report below

Overall Rating

Click Here to Start with the Roadmap to Become a Blogger Report.  By signing up for the Report, you will also get notified by Yaro and Gideon when their course opens as well.

Click Here to Watch the FREE Blogging Video Tutorials

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  • Really thinking about signing up for this program this time. I missed it last time and they shut down before i could make a decision. Might be another six months before they open again and I like the $1 trial option. Anyone else completed this program?