Being Happy in the Now


Many People Don’t get it

Let me ask you a simple question and I guess I can expect a reasonable answer, but are you happy currently in the now part of your life?  I will go ahead and explain this fully throughout this post on why I even asked such a vague question and it will make perfect sense to you and possibly help you as well.

Find a Way to Become Happy

You see, they are many people that go about life saying to themselves things like, “When I get that big job, promotion I’ll be happy” or “I’ll be so happy when I retire” or “When I finally get married, I’ll be so happy” and on and on.  You get the drift of what I’m saying.  There are a majority of people out there that just say that when they finally reach some sort of milestone, they can become happy.  What this does is somewhat sabotage your happiness as in reality, you are saying, “I can’t be fully happy till I tick this off my list”.  It really is counter-productive to joy in life and you end up somewhat unhappy if you don’t reach some of the very things that you feel could make you happy. 

Instead, I implore you to find a way to become happy with what your life is now, there is always a reason for gratitude and you will actually be happier when you determine why you should be happy with yourself now.

Don’t just be a Dream Chaser

Thinking that you will become happy when you accomplish some major thing – many times end in your subconscious thinking , “Well, I’ve accomplished this, but I’m still not as happy as I thought I would be”. 
You see, thinking you will be happy when chasing big dreams are like collecting butterflies.  Let’s say that as soon as you catch some nice butterfly, like a Monarch and you decide you will catch all of these types in your garden.  Then another Monarch appears and then another, before you know it, they are more than you can possibly even catch.  So, is the same as thinking that you will be happy when you accomplish everything that you want to.

Being Happy is a State of Mind

Learn to live in the happy state of mind now, listen to inspiring music, watch great movies, enjoy times with your family, cherish all good moments, read good books and most of all have fun.  Of course, these are just some of the ways that you can actually change your physical state of mind. Don’t think that you have to work for 30 years in a company and finally reach retirement to be fully happy one day.  There’s a lot more life in between that you could and should be enjoying.

What Inspired me

I know one book that really explained the concept of being happy as you are was Marci Shimoff’s  Happy for No Reason book.  If you don’t know Marci Shimoff, she was featured in the movie and book, ‘The Secret’ and I really loved the way she broke down the reason that you need to find a life balance and become happy with the life you currently live.  This was good read and full of some illustrated and unorthodox exercises that you can follow and do yourself.  I really endorse you reading the above book as it could alter the way you live and feel on a daily bases.  Happiness, when you understand the root meaning, is the way that we were meant as human beings to actually live.  It’s more of a social fabricated lie that you can’t be happy until you acquire things or accomplish the ‘to do list’ in your life.

Being Happy is Contagious

Being happy is contagious to others. Just like hanging around nay sayers and negative people will alter your mood and disposition to something more negative.  Becoming a happy person will ‘infect’ those around you with a more positive vibe and for that reason alone,  it pays to be happy with who and where you are now currently in life.  Time is something given to each one of us and it’s what makes us all equal in a given day.  For instance, I have 24 hours of time in a day and so do you.  You need to start breaking this time into ‘Life moments’ that you look back and fondly some day. 

Life Opportunities

One big advantage of becoming happy in the now is that like attracts like minds.  Let’s say that you are a positive, outgoing and overall happy person, can you see how this can eventually line you up with positive opportunities all around you?  I can and I bet you are starting to see it as well.  Surround yourself with a positive peer group of like minded minds and you will ‘stay in state’ longer and thrive on happiness.  Who would you rather be around, a negative person always complaining about how bad they have it or someone that’s upbeat and positive and a joy to be around?  I rest my case, case closed. 

Negativism is Pessimism

Another good question for you is, have you ever seen a very successful, let’s say financially well off person that is always depressed and full of negativity?  If they are, you can possibly count them on one hand.  What I see every day in terms of successful people are inspiring images of those that have made it big, but are usually positive and upbeat.  Positivity breeds more success and I bet this is one of those unwritten rules that scientists will someday prove just as the Law of Attraction and even quantum physics have been proven to be measureable and valid. 

Follow your passions and dreams but don’t allow them to dictate how happy you will be in the future.  Instead, embrace all those moments that you can convert to living happy in the moment.  Most of all, it’s a good idea to stay positive.

 What about you?  Are you happy in the current or waiting for something to happen to make you happy?

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  • You say, “Positivity breeds more success”. This is very true, but I have known people with a positive attitude lots of money and they are not happy. Life needs a balance. You do not have to have a big bank account to find the happiness. As Marci Shimoff’s puts it in her book “Happy for No Reason”, there are many people that are grateful for what they do have, with a positive attitude which brings them happiness. Success is wonderful, but don’t lose the balance in life if you want happiness from the inside out.

  • Dwight Anthony

    @ Debbie, so true. Being positive alone will not bring you happiness. Sitting in a room and being positive won’t usually bring you happiness or any results. Your life really does need a balance and take steps to work on being happy daily.

    Dwight Anthony

  • Last week I was so happy it actually threw me off. I’m getting so many positive results, I have to slow down and adapt to them…

  • Anonymous

    Thanks Alice, that’s great news. Have you read Marci Schimoff’s ‘Happy for No Reason’?

    Dwight Anthony

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