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Recently, it has been noted the great importance and sheer power of our human brain. Experiment after experiment has shown that what we think about most, is what our subconscious minds help us to achieve by working towards this thought pattern process.  In this case, it would be helpful to note that it would be most beneficial for us to dwell on those things that are most positive and in our favor.

These experiments have dealt with health issues mostly as the results can be viewed easily. Most people have heard of instances where patients have been given sugar pills and have recovered. It’s also known as the placebo effect. It is the power of the brain that makes people believe that sugar pills have cured them

Use your brain to help you reach your goals and attain the success that you have always wished for yourself. Keep your vision central in your memory, which is why vision boards are so useful to have, and believe that they can be attained. In fact is only a matter of time as to when you will reach your goals.

Many top sports people and business high achievers have shared their success stories. One of the strong points they usually make is that they believed they could do it. Our own success stories tend to fall apart at the first or second major hurdle. This happens because we do not believe that we can achieve the big dreams.

If you believe that you don’t have green fingers and that every pot plant you are given will die because of you, it would be pointless for you to start a career in gardening. That is not because you would not make a great gardener. It’s because you believe you kill all plants.

Believing that if you are disabled means you can’t swim competitively then that is what will stop you from taking up the sport of swimming. It’s not your disability. You just need to check Natalie du Toit’s story to understand what handicaps people overcome to achieve their dreams.

They carry on with their dreams regardless because they believe that they can do it. Natalie du Toit lost a leg in a motoring accident. She entered an able bodied event in the Olympics in Beijing. She was annoyed with herself because she only came sixteenth.

Most of us would never consider attempting what she has done. We would give up. Lost a leg, well there went all hope of swimming competitively would be our thinking. Yet there are sports people who achieve amazing feats by sheer determination and total self-belief.

You might consider that it will be impossible for you to believe in yourself. After all you have had nothing but disappointments in your life. You have never reached any of your goals and you feel a total failure in everything you do.

Yet self-belief can be learnt. It can become a habit. It is something that only requires an attitude adjustment. The difference in thinking ‘I can do it” to ‘I can’t do it” is but a few letters.

You may wish to blame a whole bunch of people for confirming in your mind that you are unable to achieve something. You could blame your teachers who always told you that you were useless. Then you could blame your friends for laughing at you, or your parents because they never had time for you.

You need to halt and completely eliminate those attitudes that may stop you from believing in yourself.  You have the power to influence your belief system and help you to stay positive in what you can achieve.  For this reason, it would be most beneficial for you to believe in success.

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  • This is definitely a powerful concept and I am always inspired by the triumphs of others.

    It was a powerful moment when I heard that statement, “What the mind can believe, it can achieve.” Growing up, I felt I was very confident, BUT I didn’t have many obstacles. Only through growing older and living is when this principle became more important to me. I now have to make sure I feed my mind daily this type of positive spiritual food.

  • Dwight Anthony

    Thanks Patrenia for the positive feedback. You are correct in that as we grow older we definitely need to make sure to feed the mind daily. We develop and grow by constant and positive affirmations to ourselves. As we get older, if we don’t challenge ourselves, our circle of comfort becomes smaller and smaller until we can actually stop growing and live in mediocrity. Again, thanks for the feedback and i love to hear from those willing to push the envelope and constant work on their own personal development skillset.

  • Jeanine

    I agree. A couple of years ago I read an piece by Scott Adams, the creator of Dilbert on affrimations (the practice of writing your goals 15 times a day). I have not really tried it but it relies on the same principle: Positive thinking. In his blog, Scott Adams states it quite nicely: “… its perceived effectiveness is that focusing on goals changes the person who is doing the focusing” (from

  • Anonymous


    Thanks for sharing. You may want to check out a newer post I did on Goals for
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    Dwight Anthony