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2014 has been the year of the infamous 2014 World Cup held in Brazil as the hosting country invited 31 qualified teams to battle for the # 1 spot and trophy in football (Soccer in the U.S., Futbol elsewhere). Most teams did not disappoint and it’s been a very enduring yet topsy-turvy type of World Cup. Sending home team titans such as Spain and Italy from the first round, while other significant underdogs such as Costa Rica moved on to the next round.


There was one match in this tournament that stuck out though like the proverbial sore thumb – The Brazil vs Germany Match. Both teams made it to the semi-finals of the world’s biggest tournament, where estimates of highest viewed Semi-Final with million viewers may have tuned in on average.


Brazil suffering the loss of start striker, Neymar and a surgical German team having nothing to lose, both teams knew what the win would mean to their national team and their own country. None more than the Brazil team, who were the hosts and expectations could not be higher – to make a mild statement.


It’s been estimated that Brazil readying itself as the host of the World Cup 2014, spent no less than 11 Billion dollars to make FIFA happy. It was also one of the controversies surrounding this World Cup, where many protesters felt the money could have been better spent on poverty, education, health and other pertinent areas of seemingly neglect.


Fast forward to the 79’ minute of the Brazil vs Germany game, Germany has Brazil down 7-1, out of answers and befuddled beyond belief. Die-hard fans and even non-fans are shocked beyond belief. After a little more than 90 minutes of turmoil, the referee below the whistle that seemingly put Brazil out of their misery and Germany on to the Final game of the tournament. This loss by Brazil not only signifies one of the worst showings in the 2014 World Cup groups, but also in World Cup History.


Brazil vs Germany

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This post is not meant to add any type of fuel to an already controversial game, but t actually compare the comparisons on what we could take from this pivotal game when it comes to our Finances. The above scenario can be compared to our War on Debt, Building Wealth and eventually Achieving Financial Freedom.


With that, let’s move on to the real lessons that we can take from this now historical Brazil vs Germany match. I’ve put together my best takeaways from the Brazil vs Germany match-up, using Brazil’s weaknesses in the game to help You keep the focus required to succeed in your Personal Finances and Wealth Building.


10 Key Take-Aways From Brazil’s Weakness to Bolster Your Own Finances

  • Taking Your Eye Off the Mark – Brazil’s biggest weakness may have been taking their eye off the mark. Playing without an injured Neymar striker shouldn’t have made a difference, they were still capable of the win. So it can be with our own Finances, when you take your ‘eye off the mark’, your Finances suffer – Grab bag that control with better financial choices
  • ‘Ball Watching’ – At quite a few times of the game after being scored on, Brazil turned to what is affectionately termed ‘ball watching’ in football, where players tend to watch what’s happening with the ball rather than focusing heavily on their key player positions / tactics to win the game. ‘Ball Watching’ in our financial life can be focusing too much on being a consumer rather than a wealth builder. This hurts finances, instead, remember your ‘game plan’ to success and always work on becoming a better money manager.
  • Be Able to Change Your Strategy – Many sports analysts that I watched after the game all said the same thing, Brazil had to change their strategy against Germany as what they were playing, just wasn’t working for them. In our financial world, this can be crucial, if something isn’t working, find a financial mentor and change your strategy to something that’ll work for you and give you leverage.
  • Keeping Confidence When You’re Down – after conceding a few goals scored against them, you could see the confidence level going down in Brazil, not only in the team, but it seemed to silence even the majority Brazilian crowd and fans. They will be times when you’re down financially, it’s these times where you need to dig deep and regain confidence in Finances that you’ll actually succeed.
  • Tenacity to Rebound Quickly – This goes with the ‘keeping confidence’ point above, doesn’t matter if you’re a few points down or you have a financial emergency e.t.c., you’ve got to have the tenacity to rebound quickly. It’s why you build emergency funds and constantly work on building up your wealth to mitigate these risks.
  • Adapt to Change – this goes without saying, but you really have to adapt to change. People that stay the same in life, get the same mediocre results. Quickly re-evaluate where you are in life and what changes you may be experiencing and go with it. In a rip tide, it’s better to go with the current than try to swim against it.
  • Rallying Your Support Group – Many times throughout the game, you could hear the Brazil support for their team go almost silent. This would have been the prime time for the Brazil team to rally the crowd back on their side. So it is with your net worth, if you see it going down, it’s time to get someone on your side that’s already ‘been there’ or made it. Learn from their advice and mistakes and don’t reinvent the wheel.
  • Remember Your Fundamentals – Throughout gameplay, you could tell where Brazil was chasing Germany all over the field and a quick return to their fundamentals may have garnered a different result. With your personal finances, it’s easy to return to the fundamentals (get rid of debt, don’t incur new debt, increase income, decrease expenses) to get back on track.
  • Reset and Refocus – This goes hand-in-hand with adapting to change, sometimes we have to totally reset and refocus on what we’re doing to build results even faster. This may include taking a birds eye view of what you’re working on in your finances and revisiting what you would like the end result to be.
  • Relentless Pursuit of Your Goal – Above all don’t forget your financial goal – this might be Financial Freedom, being able to hand down a financial legacy, join the millionaire’s club or other such lofty goals. A 1-0 result against Germany in Brazil’s favour would have changed everything.

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