Broaden Your Horizons

Many people are clueless to what lies outside their comfort zone and for that reason, they actually hurt themselves in the long run. For example, I know people that have never traveled outside their country for a vacation. It’s no real way to live my friend. To live a full and fulfilling life, you want to experience as much available to you in the forms of culture, food, exotic places, music, life experiences and so much more. When you broaden your horizons, you actually increase your comfort zone and lift your limitations on your own life.

I see and meet so many interesting people on a daily basis. Some very rounded in what they have experienced but even more people that live life ‘safely’. Never exploring what Life has to offer, going back and forth to a mundane job, never really opening their minds and getting more exposed to those things that can take them to the next level. To be truly alive, you must not only take calculated risks in business but also some risk in experiencing what Life has to truly offer. Open your mind to travel to new and different places, sample food you have never eaten, take lessons for a sport you have never played, network and become friends with those who have never even heard of you and the list goes on.

In a nutshell, you want to experience a real zest for life. The more you open your mind and broaden your horizons, the more you enjoy it. I remember quite a few years back, I despised the thought of eating sushi, then I decided to just try it and go full on for it, full Wasabi, Ginger and all. Man, was that a rush. Tasted nothing like I never thought it could. Now, I absolutely love sushi when I get time to eat it. Same thing with Escargot (giant snails), went in with the attitude that I would at least try some. Absolutely delicious, when you have the right mindset and attitude of trying something new, things become fresh and new and invigorating.

You can use this mentality for all aspects of your life. So, please do get out of your shell. List at least one short-term goal that you will get done this week that will broaden your own horizons. It could be as simple as taking a few lessons of golf for the first time or skydiving over a valley! The point is to get out of your comfort zone and grow.

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  • Hi
    I really enjoyed your comments,
    Getting out of our comfort zone is incredibly important so we can grow in all ways.
    But then again I find being in a confined way of living also forces me into growing as well, having to find ways to cope and grow within a restricted lifestyle can be just as rewarding (but definitely not as much fun and the stories we can tell the grandkids could be pretty boring)
    I have learned how to surf, snowboard, traveled through Asia for months with my youngest (he was 14), had some near death/life experiences and am now coping with the hum drum of normal life. I am now 51 and starting again, what a challenge! but I have lived and learned raising my 6 sons and lived again playing with them.
    Life is an adventure
    go for it
    I have had the fun way and the not so fun way.
    Its all good

  • Thanks for posting Brigid. Couldn’t have said it better myself. Sounds you are learning to live life to the fullest which was the inspiration for posting that article.