Today, I want to look at the importance of having the quality of candor in one’s life. describes candor as, “virtue that is the quality of being open and honest in expression. i.e., frankness. For example, ‘He is a man of refreshing candor.’ “ Some powerful synonyms or words that mean the same found on include: “simplicity, sincerity, straightforwardness, truthfulness, unequivocalness, uprightness, veracity”. Candor was invented in old English times, when it was seen as a necessary virtue to have candor. How many people have true candor as defined above in the world today? My guess is not a whole lot. If you study some of the world’s most successful businessmen, self improvement authors, philanthropists, world leaders and so on, you will see that their most important attribute is usually candor.

How can we apply Candor?

We can actually learn to develop candor through practicing candor. It is through the effort of developing patience, honesty, simplicity, straightforwardness and so forth with our fellow man that we can develop candor more effectively. Once we are seen as someone that has a high tolerance of candor, amazing things start to happen. Business people want to network with you because they see you as an expert and an ethical person. Normal people are attracted to you because of the way you carry yourself in your everyday life. You can forge relationships throughout your everyday dealings because you are not a drag to be around.

Candor is a desirable Trait

You can apply candor in everyday life and in almost every situation. See the definition of candor above to embed this important trait deep into your subconscious. A very good daily affirmation is to start your day saying something like, “I’m a person of great candor”. You really need to add this quality to the list of qualities that you may already possess. When you accomplish great candor, it makes you more deserving of more and more abundance into your life. You also become a candidate for more success because as you develop candor it also attracts other qualities into your life that allow you to more easily succeed in your endeavors.

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