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What Rapper – 50 Cent – Could Teach You About Investing


It was a day like any other, I was minding my business and came across some entertaining news.  In any case, the title I saw on the screen was a shocker.  Rapper 50 cent had just made 8.7 Million Dollars promoting one of his favorite penny stocks.   Intrigued, I had to learn the answer of how […]

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Catapult Your Job Interview Success With 10 Simple Steps

job interview

  It’s no surprise these days that many in unemployment could use a few cutting edge techniques when it comes to maximizing their job interview skills to land that highly anticipated position.    So, how does one start?  How do you build effectiveness of interview skills for that promising job?  Allow me to share with […]

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Twitter Branding Secrets

Twitter Branding

If you haven’t heard about the micro-blogging and web 2.0 social media marvel named Twitter, you might be hiding under a rock.  For those of you that don’t know, Twitter is a phenomenal way of joining into a social media community and connecting with others by updates or ‘Tweets’ at no more than 140 characters […]

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