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Living With an Emergency Credit Card!

Living with Emergency Credit Card

I’m a bit flabbergasted with the horrible and unfounded Financial advice that many are given in living with credit cards.  In fact, we are taught in society today that it’s quite normal to carry around a plethora of plastic, pretending to be rich and spending what you don’t have. “Fake it till You Make It” […]

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Battling Debt: Life Lessons for Financial Freedom


Now is the right time and good as any other time to really assess how you’re doing with your fight against Debt.   What’s the right formula for getting out of debt? I constantly see with most people where this confuses the heck out of them.  It’s simple, as finally beating debt down has more […]

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Investing vs. No Debt – Which One is Better?


In today’s world, everyone wants instant gratification and a sure thing. However, when dealing with money, neither is usually easy. When trying to navigate financial waters, one many times has to wonder which is better — good investments or living debt free? Personally, I choose to be debt free. I base my decision on many factors. Read […]

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Dont Loan People Money – Get RICH in the Process


I might take a lot of bad feedback for this post, but I want to seriously take a look at people that loan people money.  It’s one of the sure fire ways to stop that money working for you and I’ll show you why in a minute or so.   In any case, let me […]

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Five Things Financial Experts Say That Are Dumb


Introduction With the ongoing financial crisis, many individuals and households feel they need all the help they can get.  And there’s no shortage of expertise available. It’s easy to become overwhelmed by the sheer volume of financial advice out there.  Worse, a lot of self professed experts contradict one another. The truth is, some financial […]

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Case Study Complete – I’ve Knocked Out $5000 In Debt !


Fresh off my last case study of knocking out $5000 in Debt, I took a bit of a hiatus on posting the progress and instead decided to work on knocking out the debt as an even higher priority.  Well, needless to say it’s paid off because I have now knocked out the original $5000 worth […]

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Part 3: Watch Me Knock Out $5000 In Debt (Case Study)


Part 3 of Case Study Series It’s been a little while since I’ve updated this case study of me knocking out $5000 of Debt.  That’s the bad news, the good news is that I’ve been pushing on and wiping the debt out and have made two additional lump sum payments since the last update.   […]

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How to Clear Your Debts and Stay in the Black this Year


Guest post by Andreas Looking ahead to a better financial future is the goal of many individuals. A new year tends to make people take a good, hard look at their situation and make some decisions on what to change. A majority of people are looking to clear out their debts and stay in the […]

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Part 2: Watch Me Knock Out $5000 In Debt (Case Study Series)


Part 2 of Case Study Series If you’ve been following the blog lately, you’ll notice that I took on another personal challenge to take on $5000 worth of debt to invite you to look over my shoulder on how I put debt busting on steroids.  It’s my way of helping others like you get out […]

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Tips For Single Mothers To Clear The Debt


Please welcome a guest post by Amy Lewis Being in debt is off course not a desirable situation, especially for single mothers. It is can be very difficult for them to pay off the debt and manage the financial obligation along with supporting themselves as well as kids single handedly. But fortunately there are some […]

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3 Creative Ways to Reduce Debt and Find Financial Stability

reduce debt

 Guest Post by Stella Walker There are very few things in life that are more stressful or exhausting than finding yourself in a state of financial strife. Today’s economic climate is more turbulent than it has been in many years. With this overall economic struggle, many individuals throughout the country have personal debt plaguing their […]

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Some Smart Ways to Manage Debts

Manage Debts

  Please welcome a Guest Post by Katherine of A1 Secured Loans Adverse financial conditions might give rise in your life at any point of time. When you find that you have been subject to bankruptcy, you try to look for a bankruptcy trial lawyer. Again, when you are overburdened with debt, you get restless […]

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9 Little Tricks On How to Fix Bad Credit

How to Fix Bad Credit

  Do you have debt problems and wondering how to fix bad credit?  Are creditors basically knocking on your door?  Maybe your quality of life is suffering due to the fact of making bad financial decisions in the past?  In any case, if you fall in that category, there really is light at the end […]

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You Can Live the Debt Free Lifestyle

You Can Live the Debt Free Lifestyle

Many people believe that it’s a hard thing to do but you can live the debt free lifestyle. It’s actually fairly easy to get out of debt, however, staying out of debt is entirely different.   It’s comparable to dieting, for example, when one person goes on a diet to lose weight, he / she may […]

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How I Live Without Credit Cards

live debt free

  It’s been about three years since I’ve had my last credit card and that can make many people cringe.  How do I do it?  How am I living like this?  Am I not ruining my credit without holding them?  I’m going to give you a transparent look into what it really takes to live […]

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Driving Too Much Car? The Simple Car Principle

car depreciation

Ok, I know, just about everyone or at least someone you know has a car.  A car is a very useful tool to get us from point A to B and many times as an enjoyable voyage.  Having said that, have you ever thought to think just about if you are driving a little too […]

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How I Got Rid of the Plastic


  Today, I want to take you on what has been my personal journey with little plastic cards of debt, mainly credit cards.  Do note that these cards represent a lot more than what most people take them at for face value.  In fact, these little cards have been responsible for putting people further and […]

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