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Battling Debt: Life Lessons for Financial Freedom


Now is the right time and good as any other time to really assess how you’re doing with your fight against Debt.   What’s the right formula for getting out of debt? I constantly see with most people where this confuses the heck out of them.  It’s simple, as finally beating debt down has more […]

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Why Your Income is the Golden Goose

Golden Goose

I wanted to really just talk about how so many people today are literally not paying enough attention to their source(s) of income.  You see income in itself will determine either your financial success and build your wealth or living a life of mediocrity from pay check to pay check.  Which life would you choose? […]

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Total Life Freedom by Achieving Financial Freedom


Let me go ahead and ask you a quick question.  What would YOU do if you have almost total lifestyle freedom by Achieving Financial Freedom and ridding yourself of Debt?   Really just take a few minutes and reflect and answer that question by pulling what you know from within.  Your answer might vary from […]

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Why most “Entrepreneurs” Fail and How to Succeed


It’s been said that “there’s no worst boss at times than working for yourself”.  Interestingly enough, this saying does indeed hold some water and merit. Most Financial gurus out there would tell you that you won’t ever get ahead or get wealthy if you don’t start working for yourself and own your own business.   […]

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Using Forex to Achieve Financial Freedom


Financial freedom has become an American cliché. Everyone wants it, and there is no end to the number of companies promising to sell you that dream. The question is: why buy that dream at all? Why not learn how to achieve the dream of financial independence on your own?   You’ll need education, of course, […]

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25 Must-Have Habits of Self Made Millionaires


They understand and practice the art of saving money Most are excellent money managers The majority don’t spend like normal consumers Money works for them instead of against them They leverage investments to make them wealthier Understand the value of the dollar Philanthropy or giving back is paramount importance They use interest to make them […]

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Roadmap on How to Be a Millionaire


This is my Roadmap on How to Be a Millionaire and I have faith that following what I talk about will get you to that level of Financial Freedom.  Here’s the good news, what I’m about to share with you has worked for millions of self made millionaires and can work for you too!   […]

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Can Investing In Property Help You To Become Financially Free?


Investing in property may take very good credit and a hefty down payment upfront, but the rewards can be tremendous. Countless investors have found themselves on their way to financial freedom after a successful property investment, but it all depends on what your individual goals are.    Know What You Want It’s important to set […]

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Save thousands of dollars in interest – pay off your mortgage early


Guest Post – Michael Edmondstone Your home mortgage is one of the biggest expenses you’ll have in your lifetime.  While some good arguments have been made about the advantages of making investments over paying down your mortgage early, the simple fact of the matter is that this strategy is much more financially risky for most […]

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Gaining Financial Freedom through Lifestyle Changes


Guest Post by Susan Bekiroglu The greatest hurdle to successful debt relief lies in personal attitudes. Financial Freedom means setting and accepting limits, not just on spending- but on behavior. People who live debt free and who build wealth for the future change their lifestyle. They don’t want to do something about their finances. They […]

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Financial Freedom = Life Freedom


  I want to start off this blog post to explain the importance of Financial Freedom and what great changes it can bring in your own life.  I’m a big proponent and ally of Financial Freedom and also one of it’s best allies.  I’m not really the most qualified if you want to look at […]

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Get Financially Free by Getting to Know Yourself


Please welcome a guest post by: Katheryn Rivas Being stuck in debt is sometimes like being locked in a prison or trapped in a deep hole you can’t climb, scramble, or fight your way out of.  One of the most common figurate phrases associated with debt, in fact, is not being able to “get out” […]

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2012 Resolution Goals – Plus FREE Cheatsheets and My Predictions


Wow, it’s hard to believe that 2011 is about ready to retire and 2012 come in as the New Year into our lives.  2012 is closing down really quickly as I write this, but take notice that nothing comes about without change.  I really hope you had some good holidays and that your poised on […]

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What tools are there to help you obtain Financial Freedom?

financial freedom

If you find yourself financially suffering from the current state of the economy, you should know that you are not alone. The current economical slump is affecting almost everyone.   Most people reach adulthood without ever taking financial courses. Fortunately, there are many financial tools online that can help you get out of debt and […]

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Part 2: Watch Me Knock Out $5000 In Debt (Case Study Series)


Part 2 of Case Study Series If you’ve been following the blog lately, you’ll notice that I took on another personal challenge to take on $5000 worth of debt to invite you to look over my shoulder on how I put debt busting on steroids.  It’s my way of helping others like you get out […]

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Financial Freedom – Success Lies in Self Improvement Methods


Guest Post by J.H. of Your financial freedom actually lies in the strategies that you can take in order to change your habits. Rather than simply opting to get help from a third party professional or going for credit counseling, you can change all of the aspects of your credit an your finances simply […]

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Staying The Course Financially

Staying the Course Financially

As I embark on another vacation, this time to the greater Nevada area, I recently had to reflect the life lessons, self improvement skills and experience to get to this point in life.  Through making the right financial decisions, I can afford to pay for these types of vacations out of pocket without incurring any […]

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Deciphering the 80 20 Rule

80 20 Rule

Today, I want to really break down and decipher just what the 80 20 Rule can mean to you when it’s used properly and gain much needed leverage for your results. I just want to say that there comes a time in everyone’s life when they really need to take stock of what works for […]

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