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Living With an Emergency Credit Card!

Living with Emergency Credit Card

I’m a bit flabbergasted with the horrible and unfounded Financial advice that many are given in living with credit cards.  In fact, we are taught in society today that it’s quite normal to carry around a plethora of plastic, pretending to be rich and spending what you don’t have. “Fake it till You Make It” […]

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What the Brazil vs Germany Match Could Teach You About YOUR Finances…


2014 has been the year of the infamous 2014 World Cup held in Brazil as the hosting country invited 31 qualified teams to battle for the # 1 spot and trophy in football (Soccer in the U.S., Futbol elsewhere). Most teams did not disappoint and it’s been a very enduring yet topsy-turvy type of World […]

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Becoming ‘Rich’| How Do You Define It?

Becoming Rich

  First off, let me first begin by mentioning that after a long hiatus, we’re back and hard at work to bring you some of the best content from the Financially Elite Blog.Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let me ask you a very personal, yet intriguing question, “What does it mean […]

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Recognizing Bad Financial Decisions And How to Reverse Them


We have all been known to make financial decisions at times and it’s what we do to take action and o­vercome bad financial decisions that will make all the difference.   In fact, this is what makes the difference between perseverance and overcoming vs. an outright failure.    No one said it was an easy […]

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Family Income Benefit Insurance: It’s how and why


As a potential insurance seeker, you must be aware of the existence of the family income benefit insurance in the market. It is a kind of a policy which pays out the benefits in the form of fixed monthly incomes instead of a lump sum. More on how it works In the event of the […]

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Simple Ways to Teach Your Kids about Money…


When kids spend recklessly on their credit cards and get into debt you rebuke them for being careless. The funny part is, it is not totally their fault. As a parent it your responsibility to guide them with handling finances the right way. It may sound a tedious task but it is actually not so. […]

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Six Financial Planning Tips for Your First Baby


Many people will tell you that if you wait until you’re financially ready to have your first baby, you’ll never do it. While this can be true, there are many things you can do before you start trying to conceive that can save you money and worries down the line.  Here are six tips that […]

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Build That Emergency Fund !


Today, I wanted to talk about the Emergency Fund and why it’s absolutely paramount that you build one.  We’re going to dissect what is an emergency fund, why it pays to build one and all the other whistles so that you can see why it pays to get started as soon as humanly possible.   […]

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Top 25 Personal Finance Bloggers To Look Out For

  First off, by now you’ve probably found that I’m a fan of Personal Finance and Financial Freedom, so it should come to no surprise that I decided to come up with a list of Personal Finance Bloggers that you should be aware of.  I’ve also got to be clear that coming up with this […]

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Self Employed: How to Ensure You Get Approved for Your Loan


Guest Post by Andrew Self-employed individuals may now get approval to loans whenever they need one. If banks are usually stricter when dealing with self-employed clients, there are now numerous loan providers that are willing to provide needed amounts to such individuals. This is actually a growing part of the current lending market, which is […]

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Education is Unfeasible without Private Student Loans

education loans

Guest Post by Katherine of A1 Loans Your test results are out and you have done well. So, you have decided to enroll in an MBA program. However, the thing that is bothering you the most is the cash that can only make your dreams come true. You can’t even think of taking monetary assistance […]

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Cash or Credit: The Confusion


Please welcome with me a Guest Post by Erika Stewart. We have so many things that we want to achieve. There are so many things that we plan to buy when we have enough money. Good thing that we have credit cards so that when we are running out of cash, we can always rely […]

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Personal Finance – A Review


Minding your finances doesn’t have to be stressful and overwhelming. There are many people right now that are worrying themselves right into the area of heart attacks because of money, or rather the lack of it. No one needs to let themselves get to this point when there are personal finance tips to follow that […]

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