Courage to Find Your Personal Life Purpose


Have you been searching or do you really know your Personal Life Purpose?  So many of us just coast through life like sands through an hour glass.  There is more to you than that.  This is why it is equally important on the things that would make us live a very meaningful and abundant life.  With things being more hectic in this life than even our ancestors, it’s important to put things in perspective.

You will wonder how to find it. It’s been passing you by for many years. What will enable you to find it now? Some effort will be required, that’s for sure, but above all else you will need to stop being afraid.

One of the most common thoughts that will crop up as you try and find your own purpose is the statement that you can’t do that. You can’t leave your job, you can’t study again in fact you can’t leave the life you are living right now.

That is a perfectly normal way to think. Your life is a series of instances where you have to weigh up your options. You have to decide many times whether you should take the safe route or whether you should put yourself at risk.

As a young person you are more inclined to take the risk option. Leaving home to go to college in another State seems like a fun thing to do. It involves stepping out of your comfort zone as you have to leave your support system behind. It’s an adventure though when you are young.

That is not that easy to do as you grow older. Everything you surround yourself with is important in that it makes you feel secure and safe. You have the same friends, you take the same route to work, you spend your evenings at the pub down the road, you go on vacation to the same seaside resort.

Yet this very sameness lulls you into a false sense of security and seduces you into thinking that this is the ideal life. It therefore surprises you when you feel that bit of dissatisfaction within. Where did that come from you wonder? After all you are so lucky to have this wonderful life especially in comparison to how many people have to live.

This way of cocooning yourself is what makes it so difficult to work out what your life purpose is. You know instinctively that whatever it is, will require you to change if you want to follow your purpose. Things will not be the same again.

From a young age society has conditioned you to take the safe route. Go to school, do well so that you can go to college, get a safe qualification so you can be an accountant, lawyer, doctor or teacher and find a stable job because this will take care of you for the rest of your life.

The thought of leaving this comfort zone behind and trying to establish what you really would like to do is very frightening.  Finding the courage to explore what your life purpose is could be is the first step towards finding your passion for life.

You must expand on this safe or comfort zone or it will continue to constrict your life allowing you to live the ‘safe’ yet not totally fulfilling life that you want.  You want to ultimately make those changes that you know you are capable of metamorphosis into the person that you always know you could be.

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