Depression Proof your Mindset

depressedI’m sure by now you are asking yourself, “What does Depression Proofing your Mindset mean?” Well, it has to do with the cognitive processes that we can go through to condition our minds to eliminate signs of depression or negative messaging that we can feel at times. In this world of taking a pill for everything, treating depression and other ‘psychological’ disorders has become a multi-billion dollar business each year. Psychologists are treating clients suffering from depression in record numbers. Interestingly enough, Suicide rates are also at the highest numbers ever, even dwarfing suicide rates that were recorded in the 1980’s. Why in a world where we have more opportunities and resources than ever are we falling more and more as victims of Depression?


Depression is a thought and feeling

Depression is formed as an ongoing, inner conflict when one cannot see a joyous or happy outcome in their future. They feel doomed and negatively affected. Staying in this state for long period of times makes it worse. Those staying in this low morale of state are prone to feelings of hopelessness and may even feel like hurting themselves and even suicide as a ‘quick out’. This is why physical pain can be associated with long bouts of depression because your mind starts affecting your physical body because your chemical levels of your neurotransmitters are totally off in your brain. Is there any wonder why certain people cut themselves to deal with their depression? Next stop is usually the doctor’s or psychologists’ office for a prescription of drugs that may treat the depression but at times makes suicidal thoughts worse. So, you then need a prescription that helps ward off suicide thoughts while treating your depression. It’s a vicious cycle, and those on prescriptions are then treated, but tend to have sometimes even worse side effects than the depression itself.


Controlling Depression with your thoughts

To combat your depression, you need a healthy dose of mind conditioning daily that includes meditation, visualizing happiness and success and positive affirmations. Depression lives in a diseased mind because our thoughts are negative in nature that allows depression to thrive. On the other hand, a well-conditioned and strengthened mind staves off depression and instead empowers the individual making them feel positive and giving them hope. Those most affected by Depression are those that allow the depression to take over their minds. Take control of your mind! See friends, watch a movie, go to a comedian festival or even laugh. In other words, do whatever it takes to actually break your state of mind. It is very hard to be depressed in a constantly entertained or humorous state of mind. Those teaching alternative treatment of depression know this. You don’t want to take horse pills for the rest of your life, right?


By all means, see a Doctor if you are seriously depressed

I recommend that if you have suffered severely for weeks or even months at a time that you at least see a doctor that specializes in treating serious depression. However, please also know that you can ‘wane’ yourself off your doctor’s treatment over time with the positive affirmations and conditioning your mind to control depression over time. It’s very important for you to start depression proofing your mindset as soon as possible. Work on conditioning your neurological programming from today.

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