Do You Have Real Purpose in Your Life?


Are you really fulfilled and have a real sense of  purpose in your Life?

How do you know whether you are living according to your life purpose statement? If you don’t know what your life purpose is, how can you possible live on purpose? So either way it isn’t easy to work out how your life is going.

Let’s try some questions. If you answer no to any one, or possibly even all, of these questions you might not be living according to your life purpose.

This one is an easy one. Do you wake up in the morning excited to start the day, every day, not just week-ends or on your days off?

How about. Do you love your work and is it a career for you or a burden?

Do you often read a book or article online because it is interesting and will enrich your life and could possibly increase your knowledge for your work?

Here are a few that you might want to answer yes to and id you so might just realise you are not be on purpose.

Do you often find yourself eating because it makes you feel good, and it helps you cope better with the day? Does that mean you are overweight?

Do you look forward to your drink in the evening because it’s the only time during the day you can feel relaxed and happy?

Are you constantly looking to make more money so that you can do something else, although you have no idea what you might want to do?

How do you answer to this one.  Are you and your credit card best buddies? Do you binge shop regularly and have a cupboard full of clothes which you have only worn once, if at all?

Do you long to go on a romantic cruise because it could let you meet up with the man of your dreams?

You’re in a loving relationship but you like to look at good looking people and speculate what it would be like to have an affair with them because there’s no harm in having some fantasies?

When you go on holiday to another city and especially if traveling outside your country do you wish you could live there because things could be so much more exciting, or settled, or interesting, or lucrative?

You would love to buy a new car because you know it will make you feel great to be able to show off to other people that you’ve made it.

You live in the wrong suburb. If you could move to the one on the other side of the park it would be so much nicer. And the houses are much bigger.

So how did you go with all of these questions? Some might have made you laugh, some might have got you thinking a little. In each case there could have been a slight niggle that made you realise that you are doing a whole bunch of things to try and make yourself feel happier. These would be external things to make the internal happier and mostly they just don’t work.

Remember none of the above questions show that you are doing anything wrong. That’s not the point of the exercise. It was just for you to reflect on whether there are things you might be doing on a daily basis that make you feel better about yourself because you are not doing what makes you happy.
Taking your Life to the next level by setting Goals and Mini-Goals will definitely give you a sense of purpose in your own life.  If you liked this post, you might want to see my Post on Setting Personal Goals here.

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