Don’t be a Doormat


Hey Friend, if you haven’t experienced a totally fulfilling Life in your Personal, Business, and Professional Life, you maybe letting others take advantage of you.  This is known as the ‘Doormat Syndrome’ because you are allowing too many people to walk over you.  Those that develop this syndrome usually bring it on themselves.

Why do I say they bring it on themselves?  I say this because people can only do what you what you allow them to do.  Those that become a Doormat for others usually cause it because they are a little too nice, don’t want to hurt others feelings or are afraid to speak up for themselves.  It really is just that simple.

So, how do we as individuals combat this Doormat Syndrome?  Well, first off, you need to start visualizing yourself as a strong and courageous person that doesn’t take crap from no one.  It is important to note that you can still be respectful.  If you need help on this, see my Visualization post for help visualizing yourself for the result you want.

What are some of the ways that you possibly portray the Doormat Syndrome?  A few examples could include: (1) You are constantly lending money to people and lack the courage to say No (2) People bombard you with orders throughout the day when you know there are other things you must get accomplished.  (3) People are constantly taking advantage of you in one form or another.

As you can see, there are no real advantages to being a doormat.  Build yourself up, assert your own authority and show that you cannot be used as a doormat.  Respectfully show others that you are in no position to be taken advantage of and they will reciprocate the respect you deserve.

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