Enjoy the Little Things


I wanted to take this post and share with you about enjoying the little things in life.  So many of us take all the little things around us for granted.  It’s very important to reflect on the simple things in life as well major milestones. When you take the time to reflect and enjoy the little things in life, you set your mind up for success because your gratitude system becomes even stronger.  Your mind sees that you enjoy even little successes, so it knows that you can handle big success later on.  How do you learn to enjoy or even notice the little things in life?  It begins with your belief system.  You must change the way you think and stop taking most things for granted.

Here are some meaningful examples of the little things in Life:  Freedom, friends, education, singing birds, rolling water, sunset, sunrise, summer breezes, loving family, art, music, the air we breathe and as you can see the list goes on and on.  Take stock today and see where you are with enjoying the little in your own life.  It maybe the fact that you can walk the streets in freedom without fear of being imprisoned or just walking on the beach and feeling the sand beneath your bare feet.  It could be simply watching birds on your windowsill chirping.  This is the time to just simply say to yourself, “These simple things I really enjoy in my life”.

It is very important that we note these simple things in our life and acknowledge that they are there.  What if these went away suddenly?  Could you imagine a world where when you awakened, you didn’t even hear the birds chirping or dew on the grass?  How would you feel?  What if nothing grew such as the very random daisy flower?  Would our world not become a very different and possibly even mundane place to live in?  That’s why it’s important to show gratitude for every positive occurrence in your life.

I imagine that now that I’ve mentioned what you need to consider as you go through your normal day, that you will become more appreciative of just how important the little things in our lives influence us daily.  You must acknowledge and show gratitude for everything and you will be given more in the form of abundance.

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