Are Your Finances a Nightmare?


I thought it was fitting for this blog post right after Halloween, but have you asked yourself if your Finances are a nightmare.  If you live basically paycheck to paycheck, have credit card debt over 5 Figures or have a major cash flow problem, you probably have a nightmare with your Finances.  Maybe you have such major cash problems that you can’t see your way out.  I’m here to give you encouragement and let you know that there is definitely a way out and you can get on the right path to getting your Finances just right.

Seek the Right Financial Help

To get back on track with your Finances, you want somewhat of a financial intervention.  Here are some recommendations.  (1) See a trusted Financial Advisor and carry in all supporting income statements and expenses for your personal life (2) Take a Financial Planning Course.  Nothing will get you back on track faster than these two methods.  Mostly because you will be interacting and getting a 3rd party perspective on your own financial situation and also you will more than likely feel supported by someone on your team.  You can also supplement your Financial learning with Personal Finance Books, Dvd Videos and many other ways of supporting your Financial cause.

Take the Correct Step of Actions to Get on Track

Once you’ve learned all the steps you need to take from what you have learned or even reviewed from above, make sure to simply take corrective actions to get your Finances corrected again.  If you are in massive debt, take the correct action to simply reduce your debt and eventually eliminate it quickly as possible.  If you feel you aren’t making enough income, market your business more effectively or make yourself more valuable if you are an employee.  There are a number of steps that you can take to get yourself back into the correct financial situation and it will just take some work on your part, but know it can be done if you apply yourself.  Do you agree with these steps?  If you do or not, please feel free to comment on this post.

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  • Finances can really be a nightmare if you don’t work on getting them fixed. This is an ongoing work in progress.