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I want to start off this blog post to explain the importance of Financial Freedom and what great changes it can bring in your own life.  I’m a big proponent and ally of Financial Freedom and also one of it’s best allies.  I’m not really the most qualified if you want to look at degrees in Finance and so on, but i’m one of your best fighters to help get you to that pivotal point of Financial Independence.


Fresh off my post of 25 Best Personal Finance Bloggers, you might be wondering why it’s one of my life goals to help those that are needing that Financial Freedom and peace in their life.  Well, for starters, when I help others, it definitely helps me as well.  By helping you finally achieve financial freedom, it keeps my goals of staying on track financially as well.


For one thing, I’m building wealth more and more and gaining leverage while eliminating my bad debt faster than ever.  This is important because I get to teach these powerful techniques to receptive readers like you.


You see, it wasn’t always this way, in fact, if i harnessed the money that has gone through my hands at an even 10% savings rate, I’d be possibly already set for life.  Maybe you’re in the same boat.  I’m here to tell you it really isn’t too late to align your life goals with things that actually matter and start improving your net worth from today onwards.


Everywhere we look these days, they are big businesses as well as inflation looking to take away a large amount of your wealth in the form of spending more.  In fact, as I write this there are legion of people that are looking to get rid of their Apple IPAD 2 for the just released IPAD 3!  That’s just one little example.


Here’s the kicker, most of these people want to separate you from your money without giving you a whole lot of anything in return.  Now, what about something even more disturbing is the fact that depending who you you speak to or what documentation you read – the savings rate in the 1970’s just in the U.S. was around 6-8% of income.  Today, inflation is higher, salaries almost the same, yet the savings rate in the U.S. is a mere 1% or less.


Disturbing facts indeed. That’s why like me, I would like you to be rich.  I want you to start shooting for those goals that matter.  For me, that’s a million dollars net worth.  In today’s dollars, a million dollars really isn’t a whole lot of moolah.  In fact, you could easily spend that on a house these days.  Maybe a $500,000 net worth would be more suited for you?  Here’s where my brain makes the adjustment, once I reach that financial goal, I’ll set a higher, yet attainable goal.


I’ll tell you why, because Financial Freedom = Life Freedom and having more wealth allows you to do more with your life.  If you want to go jump on a plane and go down to machu pichu in Peru, you probably could with the right level of wealth and life freedom.


Here’s another secret.  Debt = Financial slavery and Drudgery.  Look at it this way, let’s say a guy has a massive amount of debt.  Let’s call him Dan.  Dan works like crazy to live like the Joneses and look the part.  He has a good paying job, but hates the job because it doesn’t align with his life’s goals.  However, he’s got to keep working at it due to being a couple hundred thousand dollars in debt.  Dan works 60-70 hours a week just to take care of his family, buy all his toys and make minimum payments on his various loans.


Dan really isn’t happy with life in general due to being in debt up to his eyeballs, yet has to keep pushing on with things he doesn’t like doing.  Dan doesn’t have the life freedom that he wants, although he fools himself that he does with his golf club membership and man toys like a boat he barely afford.  Dan’s life in a nutshell is part of a financial trapping – albeit the rat race.

Wait there’s hope though.

Let’s take as another example, a lady named Christina.  Christina has no debt and is financially free.  When she became financially independent, she quit the job that she no longer liked and owns a small bakery that was her life’s dream.  She started her business with capital she saved up to own such a business.  Due to her business being systemized, Christina leaves a majority of the drudge work to her two employees while she concentrates on marketing and sales.  Her business is thriving and profitable, allowing Christina to live unlike most people.  She plans to sell her business down in a while as she’d like to start another business.


Christina has the life freedom to take two to three vacations per year due to spending within her budget.  While most of her friends are doing the 9-5 workday, she is out test driving that fairly used Nissan sports car she plans to pay cash for down the road.  She attends networking events and hangs out with positive peers daily and has a great time socializing and building relationships.  Having the amount of life freedom that she does allows her to give back.  She volunteers monthly at a shelter for women where she makes a difference.  She and her fiancé are planning a quaint wedding that they will pay with cash.  She is living her dreams.


Now, doesn’t the above scenario open a world of possibilities for you.  Are you living financially like a Dan or Christina above?  It’s my whole hearted belief that we were put on earth to enjoy life fully not make man made financial trappings for ourselves.  The media knows that most people are consumers and are willing to spend on wants.  It’s been said the average person can be bombarded with 5000 to 10,000 daily marketing messages!


One of my life’s goals is to come up with a financial blueprint in addition to this blog to help others finally gain financial independence.  How much more could you live life when it’s on your own terms?   I’m certain that it would be worth it and you should  practice living abundantly from now.


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