Financial Freedom

financial-freedomFinancial Freedom and how to obtain it has been on people’s minds for as long as the history of using money as monetary means has existed.

Everyone inherently wants to escape the drudgery of having to work hard just to make a living and not have to feel trapped by their lack of financial means.  The other side of the coin is how many people will do what it takes to get to that point where what they have done financially has allowed them to exit the rat race of existence of ‘working for your money’ as opposed to their money actually working for them?

Most people unfortunately get trapped in the money trap of where they need to work for their money so that they can pay their bills, enjoy at least some recreation and entertainment and keep a roof over their heads.  This has become the defacto standard of a money trap for most people.

Working Harder is no Help

The problem with what most people have to put up with to earn a living usually ends up making them work even harder for their money.  By getting the promise of a bigger promotion, more pay and other benefits, most are sucked into the trap of working longer hours and even taking on more of a workload on their back so that they can get a salary promotion and even better benefits.  Unfortunately, for most employees, this has been something of a ‘fly trap’.  The harder you work and the more money you make, usually puts you in a higher tax bracket which in turns causing you to pay even more taxes.  In a nutshell, the more money you make, the more you usually have to pay in taxes.  Instead of working harder, you need to educate yourself on why you are working for money in the first place.  This is what will set many Financially Free over others.  Make working for any money the most efficient use of your time.

A Description of Financial Freedom

My own, personal description of Financial Freedom is being able to live your life with a full degree of living how you want to live without having to work for your money because of debts and so forth holding you down.  You instead get to work for your money if you choose but you don’t ‘have’ to work for money.  Instead, your money is hard at work for you even while you sleep; this is a powerful and distinct reason for why you must be financially literate and take the necessary steps to finally become one of the Financially Elite out there.

Get out of the Trap

By having a goal to have true Financial Freedom someday usually means you need to educate yourself on the process and wherewithal to reach that pivotal point in your life.  When you get out of the money trap, not only will you experience more Financial Freedom, but you usually will experience Life and Personal Freedom like you may have never experienced before.  Your goal should be to take the necessary steps now that will eventually lead you a life of bliss that you know is in tune with your life goals.  Get a true Financial Freedom mentor on your side and follow the road map that got them where they are today.  Success leaves clues and you can duplicate others success with a little bit of effort. It won’t be easy, but in the long run, it will be well worth it.  You will be able to finally live like most people never do once you get to the success point where you thrive and money works for you.

What does Financial Freedom mean to you?  How can and will it help your own Life?  Let’s Discuss

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