Fix Your Mind

Image by Hmyhomebiz

Image by Hmyhomebiz

Ok, some may say I might be going batty with this subject. What am I telling you? Am I asking you to check in to an insane asylum here? No, not at all, I am simply looking at what we can do to set our mindset on a daily basis and for anything we may encounter or even who we may encounter. Ever notice that if you have a lot of things on your mind or something is bothering you, the whole day goes like that? The secret is to set your mind up for success that day instead. We all have a large amount of ‘mind chatter’ or what we think about on a daily basis. We are bombarded by thousands of marketing messages alone in a day. Not to mention all the different personalities, work drudgery, deadlines and the like can all take a negative hold of our mind and mentally exhaust us. If we feed our mind with positive messages or incantations before we get started for the day, we tend to move positively instead of spiraling downward regardless of what happens.

So, just what are incantations? These are the positive mind messages and feedback that we can feed our mind on a daily basis. Repeating phrases over and over until it becomes believable in your mind. For example, if you say, “I am strong and capable of anything”, 10 times or more per day and for 30 days, your mind starts to believe it and your body reacts positively because it responds to what the mind tells it. Incantations are powerful and you can say them aloud or even to yourself even in an elevator and what not. I personally do about 16 different incantations daily. I suggest you come with at least 5 and start your day with them.

Starting with incantations and positive affirmations is one of the best ways to set your mindset for the day. If you do daily devotions, meditations and so forth, your incantations / positive affirmations can easily be integrated into your routine.

What are some good incantations or positive affirmations to start with? How about, “I am a generous person and blessed with abundance daily” or “I am successful in all my ways” or “I work in a job that I absolutely love”. The sky is the limit for what you can come up with so start today. Come up with 5 good ones and say them to music daily for at least 30 days and I promise you will see a change in your life.


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