Forget Resolutions, Set Achievable Goals

First off, let me take this time to wish you a Happy New Year and an awesome 2011. 2011, can you believe it’s here already?  Just 24 hours ago we were all sitting in 2010.   I know many of you want new aspirations and dreams for the New Year and set resolutions for the upcoming year then hoping that they will keep them.  My take on this is that instead of Resolutions, you really should be setting  achievable goals instead.

Resolutions broken down

Let’s take a quick look and break down what resolutions mean to most people.  You know many people usually celebrate the upcoming New Year the night before (New Year’s Eve) and reminisce about everything that happened in the last year.  On reflection, they find that many things didn’t go their way in the last year and they want to change that.  This is where most people usually come up with about 10 things that maybe they write down or save to memory on what they want to accomplish.

What happens after that?  Usually, people that set these goals start off with a bang.  They run a few miles daily, they stop smoking for about two weeks or maybe they even lose some weight.  Then what usually happens?  They kind of forget these resolutions and start slipping into some of their old habits.  That’s why I feel it’s so much better to set achievable goals instead.  With Goals, you set a few different types of goals and you keep them in writing which you can review quite frequently to see where you are compared to what you set for your goals.

There was a study performed in the 1950’s where it was determined that 3% of the group always set clearly defined goals and twenty years later, it was determined that 3% of the original group that set their goals were more successful and more wealthy than 97% of the group that didn’t set goals!  Just something that would be good to digest and think about.  So, just how do you set goals and define them?  Well, you really should break them down into at least five (5) different categories.  Personal, Family /Relationship, Financial, Health/Energetic and Career/Business goals are all the categories you need to really succeed.

Where do we even start?  Glad you asked because don’t worry the wheel has already been invented for you, no need to go at it alone if you’ve never set goals or need a primer.  Below you will find some ways of setting goals according their categories and you could set these all in one setting as well.  So, with delay here are the different categories on setting these goals and how to go about setting them properly:

·        Goals 101 – Personal Goals (Article 1 of 5)

·        Goals 101 – Family/Relationship Goals (Article 2 of 5)

·        Goals 101 – Financial Goals (Article 3 of 5)

·        Goals 101 – Health / Energetic Goals (Article 4 of 5)

·        Goals 101 – Career / Business Goals (Article 5 of 5)


Hopefully, by the time you read the above goal setting exercises, you will have a better grasp of what you need to accomplish to getting achievable goals set and more importantly met as well.  I look forward to hearing your feedback on what setting goals may mean to you.  Feel free to comment and share this post below.

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