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Ok, so why would I suggest you get a mentor in the first place? If you aren’t as successful you would like to be in certain areas, it’s best that you identify yourself with a mentor. A mentor has been through most of the struggles that you may possibly avoid and have more than likely had many failures before success came to them. A good mentor will show you the way in which you want to go in life. Having a proper mentor can also shave possibly years off your learning curve on various subjects? Suppose you want to own a franchise someday. Well, it may be in your best interest to hook up with a successful franchisee and learn the ropes e.t.c.

Mentors are there to learn from

The biggest lesson that I can teach you about mentoring is that a good mentor is really there to learn from. Most mentors do not mind passing on their knowledge especially if they are very successful. It is their way of giving back to the world. Most successful mentors come from an attitude of service to others and if you have one that is snotty or just doesn’t want to share knowledge, find another one. When you find a good one, be their personal assistant if need be. You want to reciprocate to them that you are not just there for receiving. This may be as simple as getting them coffee or running other small errands in order to learn from them as well.

How do you acquire a Mentor?

Having patience in choosing one is the first step. Once you have identified a possible mentor, the most important question is to just ASK them to be your mentor. You will only get one of two responses; either yes or no. It’s really that simple. Another way of finding mentors may be to seek them out from educational institutions or even your local Chamber of Commerce chapter. Most places have resources where you can learn from mentors and many times is a free service. You can also ask your colleagues or friends if they have heard or used any mentors for their own benefit.

Make an Early start with your Mentorship

The last thing to say on the subject is to definitely start your mentorship as early as possible. This will allow you to practice what you have learned earlier and correct on any little failures along the way. The more failures you make early, the quicker you will actually succeed. Ever see a kid learn to ride a bike? The more they attempt to ride the bike and capitalize on their mistakes, the quicker they learn to ride the bike with their own balance. This is exactly how a good mentor can teach you anything under the sun. So, start early and start strong and you may become more successful in an area than you ever dreamed possible.

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