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I’d like to start this subject by saying if you have good financial goals, as most people do, it is imperative that you actually also make it a habit to become energetic and get fit to stay healthy. Not only does regular exercise make you feel better, it is a type of elixir that gets your metabolism going and even releases endorphins making you feel great throughout the day.

So now that you have decided to go ahead with a workout routine, where do you start? First off, let me say that you will benefit most from exercise early in the day because you will get your metabolism going early and get the good start for the day. It is even more important to drink a full glass of water when awaking in the morning as you have become dehydrated throughout the night. You should add a lime slice or lemon to your water in order to balance your PH levels for optimal health. If you haven’t worked out in a long time, please see your physician and take baby steps each workout session working yourself up to where your exercise routine needs to be.

Me personally, I like to hop on the treadmill first thing after a long day to get some calories burning and go straight into working out at least one muscle group (Legs, Biceps, Tripeps e.t.c.). When you work out where you do a little circuit training warm-up you get results faster and you stay more pumped throughout your workout and may even get through quicker than a long, traditional workout. The important thing is always motivate yourself to action. Even when you feel like not working out, say to yourself, “I want to work out for myself and my Health” and really mean it. Those words will eventually come alive and you will look forward to exercise.

We live in possibly one of the most sedentary times in history. What does that mean in a nutshell? People are lazier and eat more than ever in history. We have an obese epidemic in the U.S. and other large developed nations. You must come out of the norm. You must be a working force showing others the right path. Never has there been a time when people are more obsessed with playing a game system for hours on end, rather than socializing, exercising and just getting good old fresh air. I see it every day where people wait till they are over 300 lbs. to try and get fit. You are possibly 10 times more liable to quit your fitness routine if you can’t stay motivated. It all starts in the mind, you have to make up your mind to get fit and healthy.

Remember, your Health is your real Wealth as I’ve heard a spokesman on tv say recently, so take care of it. If you can’t stay motivated, find a personal trainer for say 6 weeks. If you can stay on track for 6 months, stats say you will continue to exercise for the rest of your life. Please share this post with others so that you can help others to get healthy too. When we help others, we learn the true meaning of giving back. To your Health and Fitness.

As always, comments and feedback are always welcome.

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