Giving Back

Hey Friend, I am not talking about giving back money owed to someone in this post, I’m instead talking of doing what is right and giving back financially, physically, time wise or any other resource wise way of giving to those less fortunate.  Just who am I speaking about here?  Well, it could be many denominations / population segments such as the church, charity, Red Cross, Poverty stricken persons, Disaster Victims, Missions and ultimately just those less fortunate.  It has been stereotyped for a long time that those with wealth are the most stingy and hoarders of their money.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  When you check it out, those with wealth are usually also the largest patrons that give back to their community.  Many of those that have financial issues or plain irresponsible with money are usually the ones that hoard their money because they feel they will lose it if they give it up.

Something almost miraculous happens when we learn to become givers or practice Philanthropy by giving back.  We actually start getting back what we give, it’s almost like the more you tend to give, the more you could potentially receive.  Here is where a spirit of Faith is needed in order to help you know that you will receive large blessings in return.  Read my last post, Faith Leap, for a very good run down of what it means to really have Faith.

Giving 101

By Nature, we should be giving at least 10% of our income to either of the various organizations above.  If you can’t afford 10% for now, try starting with 5% and work yourself up.  Only then will you really know what it takes to actually live ‘Rich’.  You see living Rich is really a lifestyle not some kind of hermit that has a million dollars under a mattress and knows not how to live.  In the life of giving, we get to enjoy many rewards.  We are pleased to know that we are helping those less fortunate from starving, help with shelter, provide disaster relief and all kinds of other benefits to others.  Also note that you don’t have to just give money.  If you don’t have the money, you could donate your time.  Habit for Humanity and the Red Cross are excellent ways of reaching out.

Put your Charity on Auto

Now that you have gotten a good grasp on how to give, you need to start making it an automatic part of your lifestyle.  If it’s once a month, give back like you need to.  Setup an online account called “Give” and have 10% of your income transfer into that account automatically through your bank.  Then it’s as easy as paying from that account or simply going withdrawing and paying to your charity of choice.  By becoming a better giver, you will be surprised by how you will be rewarded in other ways.  You will also feel better that your life is helping others and that will make you a happier person by nature.

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