Goals 101 – Personal Goals (Article 1 of 5)

goalsHave you ever set little goals for yourself like New Year’s Resolutions, losing weight, money goals e.t.c.? Have you found that it can be hard to hit those particular goals if you didn’t write them down and they somehow just get passed over for something else? In these sets of goal setting articles, I will show you how to set a variety of goals for yourself. Most people like to set their own personal goals, the issue is that they never put their thoughts to paper. We will examine various goal setting techniques and the types of goals you should be writing down and reviewing regularly. We will be looking at how to set Personal, Family/ Relationship, Financial, Career and Health/ Energetic goals. In this first article of 5 (five), we will be looking at how to set personal goals, so let’s get started.

What are personal goals? They are those goals that will benefit you directly. Those are the goals that if you set can make you happier, more inner satisfaction, personal development, a great vacation, more peace / meditation, time for yourself/ family and the list goes on and on. As a practice to setting these types of goals, you want to visualize yourself in that perfect setting of how your life would look if you met these goals. Next, you want to make a list of personal goals. Take a sheet of paper and write these down (now, if possible). Narrow your list down to the best 10 choices for your personal life.

Once you have this list of your goals, put a time frame on when you want to accomplish these goals. Usually, a year is a good short term goal, but you can set your personal goals to even shorter term goals like say a month or three months. Time Frame can vary from person to person, but I recommend having a set of annual personal goals as well.

Now that we have the time frame criteria for our personal goals, you want to write your goals in a certain type of STYLE. We want to write our goals in the present tense like we have already accomplished them. There have been studies to prove this is more effective to getting your subconscious on board to help you achieve your goals. So, for example do not write your goal like, “I would like to be a Happy Person”. Instead, write, “I am a Happy Person”. Do not write, “I want to lose 25 lbs”. Instead, write, “I am down to my ideal weight and have lost 25 lbs.” Next, make sure to date your personal goals, for example, “Personal Goals for 2010”. These are the criteria for writing your personal goals and make them more effective. Once you have your goals written out, put them where you will see them! You want to have them in front of you where you will them daily, better if at least twice a day. Following these guidelines will help you reach your goals in the best way.

Next article up will be how to set your Family and Relationship Goals.

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