Goals 101 – Career / Business Goals (Article 5 of 5)


The fifth and last set of goals in this set of articles is possibly one of the most important goals that we can set to supplement our other goals. These are our Career or Business Focused Goals. We must be sure to set these in addition to our Financial goals as was discussed in an earlier article in this series. You may be asking yourself what is the main difference between our Financial goals and our Career / Business Focused Goals? The difference is elementary yet paramount in our success of goal setting objectives. Financial goals are basically what we would like to achieve financially in our lives like hitting a certain number e.t.c. Our Career / Business Focused goals are those that take our day-to-day business dealings and help to define our career. These can be set even if we are business owners or even employees of a major corporation. It makes no difference.

What is important is that we set these goals as soon as possible to define what we would like to picture as our ideal business dealings and way of making a living. Remember our end result and ultimate goal is to be financially free so we want to get there with class, not 14 hour days! What are some important benefits of setting our Career and Business Focused Goals? For Starters:

  • It helps us define the type of business we would like to be involved in
  • What would be our dream career?
  • What type of business minds would we like to surround ourselves with?
  • What type of business would give us ultimate joy in jumping up and looking forward to start work in the morning?
  • What path would get us to our dream of living financially free in the least possible time?

If you use the above points as guidelines, you will be able to create a template for your career and define who you will become in the world of business or other careers. Think long and hard before even putting pencil to paper. Know what you really want and take ACTION. Write these goals down as you finish or even read this article. Do not procrastinate or you may never get your framework completed for this important set of goals. There are a very small percentage of people that take real action in this world. Everyone else may know what to do but do nothing instead. In other words, they do not take action. Remember most regrets are usually from inaction (doing nothing) not action.

Ok, back to our goal setting exercise; now that you have a good idea of what your goals must be, take 10-15 minutes or so and write out. Even if you know you are stuck in a dead end job today. Please go ahead and start your positive journey to success. Let’s get started my friend and go down this street to a life of abundance and financial freedom. Your personal development relies on you setting your goals properly to give you a life map of how to get there. You wouldn’t drive in a new country without a map or a GPS right or are you content on going around in circles?

Now that we have a sense of the goals we want to set, we write our goals out in the present (positive) tense like we have already accomplished them. There have been studies to prove this is more effective to getting your subconscious on board to help you achieve your goals. So, for example do not write your goal like, “I would like to be a CFO of ABC Company and earn a comfortable six figure income.”, instead write, “I make a comfortable six figure income and I’m the CFO of ABC Company”. These are the criteria for writing your goals and make them more effective. Once you have your goals written out, put them where you will see them! You want to have them in front of you where you will them daily, better if at least twice a day. I’ve known people to print out their goals on business cards and look at them daily. Get started on writing down your Career and Business Focused set of goals. I would like to congratulate you on getting through these goal setting articles and please view all of my related articles written below on goal setting if you missed those as well.

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