Goals 101 – Family/Relationship Goals (Article 2 of 5)

goalsOur second set of goals that we should set are Family / Relationship Goals. These are especially noteworthy to families with young children as well as no children. It can also be a goal if you are in a serious relationship to set a goal for it to prosper. First thing you must do is decide what type of Family / Relationship goals you will set to take you and your relationships to the next level. You want to also separate your physical goals from your intangible goals. Physical (or tangible) goals are those you can see and feel, such as a new family car, a gazebo for your fiancé, an awesome family vacation and the list goes on and on. Intangible goals are more quality driven, for example, Quality time with your family, more romance in your relationship, being there for emotional support e.t.c. are priceless goals that cannot be purchased.

Invariably, when you set Family or Relationship (or both), you want to have a sense of complete balance in life. If you are very good in business and work longer hours, your family and relationships will suffer to an extent. Ask yourself, “How can I have the level of financial success and still have quality time with my family / relationships?” Only when we get this balance correct, will our life be more fulfilled because we are getting what we deserve out of life in key areas. To get more quality time with family, maybe you need to cut back on overtime hours at your workplace is just one simple example. You are basically setting goals on the level of lifestyle that you want to accomplish with your relationships.

Once you have this list of your Family / Relationship goals, put a time frame on when you want to accomplish these goals. You want to put a deadline to your goal to make it more measurable. The strength of your subconscious kicks in when we set a deadline as well. It works toward what we want to accomplish in our goals. Write out a number of goals and keep your best ten goals. Make sure to date your goals as well, e.g. ‘My Family / Relationship Goals for 2010’. Also, set out notes / criteria separate from your goals that will help you accomplish each item on your goal list. For example, item #1 on your family / relationships goals list might be, “Take an awesome vacation with family”, and you might write down criteria separate from your list like ‘Research great vacations through my travel agent’.

Now that we have the time frame criteria for our personal goals, you want to write your goals in a certain type of STYLE. We want to write our goals in the present tense like we have already accomplished them. You write your goals like you have already accomplished them. There have been studies to prove this is more effective to getting your subconscious on board to help you achieve your goals. So, for example do not write your goal like, “I would like to have more romantic time with my loved one”. Instead, write, “I am a Romantic and my Relationship is great”. These are the criteria for writing your goals and make them more effective. Once you have your goals written out, put them where you will see them! You want to have them in front of you where you will them daily, better if at least twice a day. I’ve known people to print out their goals on business cards and look at them daily. Following these guidelines will help you reach your goals in the best way.
Next article up will be how to set your Financial / Business Goals.

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