Goals 101 – Health / Energetic Goals (Article 4 of 5)

vegetablesThe fourth set of Goals that we will cover are Health / Energetic Goals.  It’s been said that a man can be wealthy, but if he doesn’t have his health, he has nothing.  So, having said that, is there any wonder that the most successful people in the world make their health their number one priorities?  You must have harmony and balance in your life to be truly successful.  Your Personal, Family/Relationship, and Financial goals must all be in congruent harmony to achieve a high level of health and energetic goals.  Why are Health / Energetic goals so important?  Think of  those that are the most energetic, healthy and enjoy life the most are those that take their health seriously.  Most don’t smoke, drink in moderation or not at all and exercise anywhere from 3 to 5 days a week religiously.  We live in a society where creature comforts such as plasma TV, Video games and smart phones have taken the place of good old fashioned getting out and getting some fresh air and exercise.

You must not only exercise and get out more often, you must train your eating habits. Sitting in an office cubicle for 12-hour days was never meant for how we are wired.  First, get yourself a healthy cookbook and buy groceries and lots of produce / vegetables to eat at home.  Not only will you be healthier but also you will save a fortune by eliminating eating out often.  Eating out all the time is not just tough on your diet; it affects your pocketbook very negatively as well.  If you are just starting out in exercise and you’ve been very inactive for a while, please do see your physician about exercising and get a physical performed as well.  Remember your health is your number one priority; you don’t want to be collapsing on the treadmill! 

There’s been a study lately that Seventh Day Adventists tend to live longer than others simply based on their lifestyle and diet.  While I’m not a Seventh Day Adventist, and I’m not saying you should go out and become one, I do understand the medical study that was performed on this group.  The study found that because they cut out virtually almost all pork, red meat and absolved on smoke free and alcohol free living and keeping their bodies as ‘temples’, it has lead to an average lifespan of Adventists to around 85 years of Age!  To put this in perspective, the average lifestyle of man worldwide is only around 74 or so years of age.  What does this mean to us?  We must start eating properly, exercising and keeping active to keep our energy levels raised to keep us on track.

So, back to our Health / Energetic Goal setting plans, we want to set our Health / Energetic goals that will take us down the path to better health and fitness.  When we have these two things aligned, our energy level will soar and we will look forward to a more active lifestyle instead of forsaking it.

Now that we have a sense of the goals we want to set, we write our goals out in the present (positive) tense like we have already accomplished them.  There have been studies to prove this is more effective to getting your subconscious on board to help you achieve your goals. So, for example do not write your goal like, “I would like to lose 25 lbs. in order to be more healthy”, instead write, “I have lost 25 lbs. and feel like I’m in the best shape of my life”. These are the criteria for writing your goals and make them more effective. Once you have your goals written out, put them where you will see them! You want to have them in front of you where you will them daily, better if at least twice a day. I’ve known people to print out their goals on business cards and look at them daily.  Get started on writing down your Health / Energetic goals and get started on your Health and Fitness regime!

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