5 Great Places to Retire to Once You Are Financially Free


Guest Post by Andreas.

If life is a journey, for many a great stop along the way is to reach the point of financial freedom. With the mortgage paid off, the children having moved on and the prospect of even more satisfying years ahead, that perfect move to a new place seems well deserved.


Below, TravelSupermarket.com looks at five destinations that can allow those retirement dreams to come true:


Westport, County Mayo, Ireland

 The first destination to make the list is on the west coast of Ireland in one of its most beautiful towns, Westport in County Mayo.


Set on the shores of the majestic Clew Bay, the town was designed in 1780 in the classic Georgian architectural style and its beauty is further enhanced by the Carrowbeg River that runs gracefully through its centre.


If the town is lovely in itself, then the surrounding countryside is breathtaking. Ireland’s holy mountain, Croagh Patrick, lies just six miles to the west and with Achill Island to the north and the wild landscape of Connemara to the south, a more pleasant spot could hardly be found.



Lanzarote in the Canary Islands lies just 75 miles off the coast of Africa and has a climate to match. It has a dramatic landscape, with mountains to the north and south of the island as well as extravagant rock formations that were formed by volcanic eruptions and solidified lava.


Approximately 10% of the population of 139,000 are residents from other European countries enjoying the quality of life in later years this island can offer. Its coastline mixes glorious beaches and gentle sunlit coves with the spectacular rocky terrain. As it is a popular tourist destination, there is plenty to do and see on the island.


Peak District, Derbyshire, England

Derbyshire’s Peak District still retains a natural charm and has kept alive many of its old customs. This beautiful part of England, with its picturesque towns of Ashbourne, Matlock and Bakewell, nestles comfortably near the major cities of Manchester and Sheffield and as such is easily accessible.


It’s also close to Derby and Nottingham and not far from Birmingham. Tourists and day-trippers tend to blend in with the location rather than dominate it and they generally show the same respect to the area as the local residents.


The ancient custom of Well Dressing features in nearly every Peak District town or village with a history tracing back to the time of the Black Death. Thanks and praise were given when any well provided pure water that would sustain the people in those difficult times. It’s a community activity as well, with all residents invited to take part.


Florida, USA

Known as the Sunshine State, Florida could well prove to be an ideal place for retirees. It’s bordered by the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean and boasts a coastline of over 1300 miles.


There’s a subtropical climate in the north of the state which becomes more tropical in the south. Florida is not only one of the most popular holiday destinations in America, it’s also home to many purpose-built, highly developed retirement communities with all the facilities tailored to the needs of its residents.


The influences of the Native American, the European and latterly the Hispanic and the African American have combined to produce a unique cultural mix, most notably manifested through architecture and cuisine but also in the positive yet relaxed way of life.


Dubai, UAE

Dubai, one of the seven Emirates that make up the United Arab Emirates, can lay claim to the title of the ‘Pearl of the Middle East’. Oil and the resultant trade have transformed this anonymous fishing centre into a modern desert city with tremendous facilities.


It has the luxury hotels the entertainment complexes and the bright lights that bring in the tourists, yet it also shows great respect and tolerance to people of other cultures and beliefs. It still upholds its Muslim values but welcomes people from around the world.


With no taxes or import duties, it is a shopper’s haven and even features the Dubai Shopping Festival every January. For those who have worked hard all their lives, such a project could be called a necessary indulgence!


The prime of life should not be wasted, so maybe one of these five destinations can offer an exciting challenge or thoughtful retreat – or both – for the unfolding years ahead.


Written by Andreas who works as a writer for MoneySupermarket.com


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