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Resentment is one of the most disempowering emotions in our lives. Resentment is a mental toxin that keeps the law of attraction from working.  When we examine people in our lives closely, we will almost always find some hint of resentment towards somebody.  More often than not, the resentment you feel is having a much more negative impact on your than it does on the person you resent. In college I had a roommate, who turned out not to be such a good friend. I resented him for almost 2-3 years after. But, in many ways, I was the one who one who suffered. Because of my resentment for this roommate, I blocked the possibility of many other friends and social experiences.

However, there’s more to resentment than just this. Let’s look at the thought seeds you water to grow this plant called resentment.  When you resent somebody these are just a few of the thoughts that might go through your mind:

  • I’m really angry at this person
  • This person is such a b*stard
  • I can’t believe this SOB did this to me
  • What did I do to deserve such a jackass for a friend
  • This always happens to me

Look at the pattern of thoughts there. It’s basically setting you up to ALWAYS being angry and having friends who are b*stards, jackasses, and SOB’s. One other thing to note is that thoughts seem to occur in clusters. Positive thoughts occur together, and negative thoughts occur together. Each type of thought leads to more of itself.  The power of what may appear to be a small negative thought like resentment starts to spiral out of control. The good news is that we can do the same thing with positive thinking. So, let go of resentment because it’s holding you back.

About the Author: Srinivas is a self improvement and personal development blogger that heads The Skool of Life Blog.  Learn more about his blog here.

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