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happy-thanksgivingJust wanted to start off and say Happy Thanksgiving from the Financially Elite Blog.  I know there may be quite a few people out there that think that they don’t have enough to be thankful for.  The truth is, there’s always something out there that you can be thankful for.



Take for example, in the case of a job loss.  Yes, you may have just got sacked and at the minute you could feel down and out. The truth is that this is just a momentary bit of stormy cloud cover that may just have a silver lining.  You can always start over, you’ve got health, you’re still alive, maybe you even got support of friends and family?  This is enough to be thankful for.




This year we saw our ups and downs globally with such events as the Japanese Tsunami that ravaged part of the country, The BP oil spill in the gulf, numerous wars e.t.c. The good news is, the human race is a  very tenacious race that can bounce back from disasters and can adapt and cope with life changing events.



Some things to be thankful for could include:

  1. Health
  2. A loving spouse
  3. Life in General
  4. Money in the bank
  5. Happiness and Joy
  6. Your Spirituality
  7. Helping others via donations or Philanthropy
  8. A higher purpose other than self
  9. Maybe transportation or a car (however new or junkie it might be)
  10. The Fact that you eat regularly
  11. Good Friends
  12. Supportive Peers
  13. Living in a free country
  14. Support for those fighting abroad




The list goes on and on, so take stock this season and really come to grips of what you might be thankful for.  It’s more about the turkey and socializing or shopping during the holidays.  See what you are really thankful for by writing it down and really feeling an attitude of gratitude of where you’ve come and are currently in life.

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  • jessica alba

    Being thankful is a sure way of being happy. Through thanking,
    we keep ourselves connected to the real things that matter to us. Thanking
    helps us to realize the blessings we have. It also makes us realize how much we
    owe to this world. Thanking keeps us humble and true to ourselves.