Healing of Acupuncture

In this post, we look at the many benefits of Acupuncture as traditional and alternative medicine as well as a form of therapy and relaxation for the soul. I personally have done Acupuncture as a way of relieving pain as well as part of a thought out tool to awaken your senses and strengthening core, inner processes of the mind. Acupuncture is an excellent way of relieving many ailments of our modern era. Ailments such as migraines, tension sprains, joint damage, sore muscles, and many other ‘blockages’ within your system.

Just What is Acupuncture?
Unless you have been living under a rock, you will know that Acupuncture involves the insertion of very fine needles at very precise points into the body. Not to get too technical, but these points are known as ‘channels’ or meridians that interconnect with other meridians throughout the body to transport your life energy (known as ‘chi’) and nutrients as well as oxygen and so forth. When one of your meridians or channels has a blockage, it can result in throwing your entire system off. This is why some Acupuncture patients may need just a few therapy sessions and then maintenance sessions to combat re-occurrences of symptoms/ ailments, while others may need much more.

How to get started with Acupuncture
If you decide to start some Acupuncture sessions (and I recommend you do), find a qualified Acupuncturist trained in the fine art of Traditional Chinese medicine. This trained physician should have at least 3 – 4 years training in residence or come highly recommended by others in the community. Start off with your first scheduled session and learn everything that you need to know in that first session. It helps to gather all required brochures, hand-outs and so on to supplement your knowledge on the subject.

What to Expect
Generally, you can expect to go through a proper orientation session and an application filled out listing your physical history as well as what needs to be accomplished in your sessions. After your orientation, your session will begin. The first one or two needles will take your body a quick adjustment to get used to, but for most people, it feels like a slight prick and you should acclimate to the needles quickly. Your Acupuncturist usually will place strategic needles at precise locations where the most benefit will be gained. In your first session, you will possibly be introduced to “moxabustion” as well. Which is the heating of needles with a herb, usually mugwort. You should also get some ‘cupping’ within your session to link certain meridians together through the use of small suction cups that are strategically moved from point to point.  This increases blood flow into the superficial muscle layers and stimulates certain meridians to improve chi.

Consult your Acupuncturist
If you are experiencing negatives and so on, it is best to consult your Acupuncturist on certain things that affect your everyday. For example, you may have issues with Anxiety. Your Acupuncturist can tailor your session to deal with these mental and physiological issues as they are trained experts in many discipline of what points control emotions e.t.c. that you may be experiencing. After a few good sessions or even your first one, you may notice that you learn how to deal with stress and other negatives quite easily as your body and mind work more in tandem for a positive outcome.

Combine with a Positive Mental Attitude for Best Results
Once you are fully submerged in the correct sessions of Acupuncture, you can start working on positive visualizations and resolutions for powerful results. You are much more likely to get the results and outcome you want in life when you feel really good about yourself.

You not only want to open your channels / meridians for optimal health but also to literally ‘open’ up everything that maybe a mental block within your own life that may be holding you back successfully.

I plan to post many more posts on the subject of Acupuncture and other alternative forms of medicine and mental healing to improve self development, so please subscribe to my blog posts to the right to stay informed. Thanks for reading.

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