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This post is a spin-off my earlier post, ‘Invest in Yourself’. Both that post and this post focuses on increasing your knowledge and hammering on the fact that you need to bring your real worth to the world in order to really be noticed and make a real difference in your own life. The best way and easiest way to build your self worth is to increase your knowledge. Once you become more proficient and knowledgeable in various subjects or even laser focused intensity in even one area, you become a magnet for the right kind of attention you need to succeed in your endeavors.

Don’t have the time? Make the time.
I can hear many of you saying this now, “Well, I just don’t have the time because of this full time job” or “I’m always busy with these kids, how can I find time to get more education?” or “I just don’t think it will make any difference in my own life”. I can guarantee that if you don’t make the time to broaden your knowledge and build on your own personal development, that there will be someone else that will grab your glory. We’ve all seen them. A new employee that may have literally just started that is climbing the ropes and being promoted while you may be stuck in a job you’ve had for years. What sets these people and us apart? Some would say they are just a ‘brown noser’ or the lucky one. I would say it’s more than that. It’s because people in charge of these types of persons see their real worth and contributions to the business or culture.

Knowledge is more prevalent than ever
In our current society, there are numerous ways of educating ourselves these days. Even more so than say 20 years ago. Think of if you wanted a college education 20 years ago, what would you do? You would have to find financing and more than likely attend the college campus to earn your degree. Fast-forward 20 years. How could you get a college degree these days? Well, you could do distance (offsite) learning, you do your degree online if the college supports it and so on. What are some of the different ways of learning almost any subject under the sun? Here are just a few resources:

· Audio Cd’s
· DVD lessons
· Books
· Mentors
· CBT courses
· Online learning

Fixate on a subject with deadly focus

If you want to become one of the best on a subject that you have a passion for, you want to choose that subject and focus on it with pinpointed accuracy and focus. Make nothing stand in your way of learning this material. Breathe it, Feel it, even know it inside out in order to become the best at it. It maybe that you want to be the best dog trainer in your county and so forth. How do you think others become so good at their calling? It takes dedication and even a little sacrifice but you become something of a mini or even a bigger celebrity in your niche. Remember, practice make perfect as well as permanent, so study and learn what you love.

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