InfoGraphic: 10 Ways to Make An Extra $1000 Per Month

10 Ways to Make an Exra $1000 per Month


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Ok, before you start thinking that this is going to be some easy get rich scheme by simply pushing a button to make money, think again. In fact, there will be a decent amount of work involved to get you earning that extra $1000 a month, but the rewards can be generous.

Not to mention, that’s why most people don’t do it. Using just a few of the methods below can net you that amount, also you may have to combine a few of the methods to finally getting that extra source of income to build your wealth. So, here’s 10 great ways you can make Extra $1000 a month starting today.

1. Sell Items on EBAY or Craigslist Starting out, sell all of your extras lying around the house / basement / attic on Craigslist or EBAY. This is great to start getting the ball rolling and making some quick cash. A more sustainable model, is finding deals such as low priced wholesale items and list as a mark up on the sites mentioned.


2. Mow Lawns / Misc. Labor Got a mower / lawn accessories? You could get around some of the lawns that need a little more manicuring that don’t have a gardener service. Price the lawn a little lower than a lawn service and you could easily make $35 and up per lawn. 5 lawns for the day at $50 could net you $250 for the day. How about other forms of small labor you’re good at? Maybe you’re a great gardener and could setup a vegetable garden for others? Thinking outside the box could really set you up with a nice re-occuring income in terms of maintenance e.t.c.


3. Painting / Pressure Washing Again, this falls in line with a specialty you might possess. Maybe you’re a good room painter or you own your own pressure washer. You could paint a room for someone and make good dollars doing so. You could pressure wash driveways for say $50 and up.


4. Become a Tutor in Your Best Subject If you’ve got great book smarts or even excelled in a subject in school, why not tutor those that have no clue on the subject or just need supplemental help to get their grades up? It’s a win-win. They pay you per hour and you get to help someone in the process. Easily charge $25 and up per ½ hour or hour.


5. Take on a Second Job Ok, this is actually a legit source of a 2nd income and I only endorse this method to get yourself out of debt or if you’re a single parent or other shortfalls in income. If you do go down this route, just try to keep it as a short term approach if possible. Nice thing about a 2nd job is the income is usually predictable.


6. Become a Freelancer / Sell Skills online If you’ve got good writing skills or even great at web design / graphics and similar projects online, consider being a freelancer. Freelancers can usually bid on their work as small projects getting paid in full once work is completed. Check out Freelancer or even E-Lance to get started.

7. Become an Affiliate of Online Goods You could make a very good monthly income by simply being an affiliate of a high converting product on marketplaces like ClickBank, Commission Junction or PayDotCom and other sites. Getting paid 50% or even higher on high ticket items can be the norm, in fact, my first affiliate sale on a 97$ product (50% paid), was some of the easiest money i’ve made online. Have a look at Dennis Becker’s Earn 1K a Day program if you’re just starting out – there’s a load of easy learning resources there.

8. Host Your Own Garage Sales This a spin on the old notion of having your own garage sales, but why not use the EBAY model from above. This may include getting some vintage or nostalgia on the cheap from another source (garage sale, wholesale discounter e.t.c.) and end up selling at a premium to make some tidy profits. It may take a few go around times at this to get it right, but could be the right fit for your $1000 a month strategy.


9. Become an InfoProduct Creator This notion is similar to becoming an affiliate from above. However, this time you actually become a product creator, selling information to the masses that can be distributed on platforms such as ClickBank e.t.c. Instead of making a commission, you could actually have affiliates help drive sales for your own products. This can be a gold mine if done right. Again, check out the resources at Earn 1K a Day or better yet, Jason Fladlien’s 48 Hour Report.

10. Be a Professional Organizer Know anyone that could use some great tips to maximize their home organization to free up space and declutter their home. This might just be in the cards for you if you have this unique skillset. Garages, laundry rooms, kids rooms and so on can be a staple to bring you in steady income month after month. You could also get a swarm of referrals this way and build up business this way.


I hope you got alot out of the different ways presented here to make more supplemental income. Notice this is a guide and thinking outside the box could make you build your monthly income even quicker. Good luck!


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