Confessions of An Information Junkie

Dreaded Information Overload

OK, so I admit it, I like many people suffer from being an information Junkie resulting in Information Overload at times.  BLEEP, BLOOP, BLEEP – sorry that does not compute my mind says, “here’s some more information overload”.  It doesn’t make sense, yet it makes perfect sense why it’s happening and why the results are staggering.


Welcome to the world of an information junkie.  A world where different thoughts of knowledge tend to collide at warp speed.  “Back to absorbing more Material” my mind says, while my body screams to take a break.  It’s not all as bad as you think as we are about find out in this post.


Is it no wonder where we live in a world where everyone does the blackberry prayer at supper and spend more time in FaceBook than with real people?   Well, technology does have it’s place and so does all the knowledge we absorb on a daily basis.  We have literally become a generation of people with attention deficit disorder.  It’s no longer a kid’s affliction; adults can have it just as bad.


Here’s a tidbit of information for you. Most people think multi-tasking or doing more than a few things at once actually makes them more productive.  Not to one group of researchers.


In fact, there was a study performed that actually showed that those who multi-tasked often actually helped cause their IQ to go down in that time period!  “Hmmm”, interesting I hear you say. There is real hope for many of us though.  If we just concentrate on what really matters, we can become 300% and higher more productive and value driven (my non-scientific estimate).


My Story

I’ve always been obsessed with learning.  I really do enjoy it and have been learning how to do this and that for many years.  I’m literally bombarded with information daily in the form of books, Cds, webinars, teleseminars, seminars,  information products, whitepapers, handouts, self study material, tv, technology and the list goes on and on.


No wonder people as myself struggle with information overload. One thing really opened my mind and eyes to one thing – I spend way too much time learning and not enough time implementing.  I determined in my 2011 Goals for this year that I would grab the bull by the horns in setting my achievable and financial goals for 2011.  This is the year I’ve determined to do less actual absorbing of material and instead doing “BIG” things this year.  Things that others may not even be aware I’m capable of completing.  Stay Tuned!


The One Thing That Will Set You Apart!

In backtracking and really taking a reflective look on my own life, I’ve determined that you need to have the single most important trait to thrive and succeed.  This principle is nothing other than FOCUS!  There you have it, I have literally saved you thousands of dollars on self help, personal finance and personal development study.  Forget information overload and overwhelming yourself.


Instead, take some action and baby steps one day at a time in what you would like to achieve.  If you’ve been reading the Financially Elite Blog for any length of time, you know that I’m passionate about Financial Freedom.

What’s your passion or what I call your biggest takeaway in Life?  It’s important, pause right here for a minute.  What really gets your blood pumping or making you jump up 30 minutes early in the morning?  If you don’t know, you have to dig deeper.  If you don’t know what your passion is or could be, you are on the hamster wheel.  Get off the hamster marathon and you can see life from a whole new angle.


Another thing, stop setting such ridiculous and hefty goals for your life.  I know some people that haven’t made six figures in  a year yet they want to be a multi-millionaire in a year.  Not saying that it’s not possible, but set real achievable goals for your life.  A stretch goal out of your comfort zone may simply be increasing income by 20-25% for the year.  Start with that small type of a goal and hit it.  You’ll be surprised just how possible more beefy goals will be to actually reach by hitting smaller goals first.


Rehab for the Recovering Information Junkie

Just like myself, if you are an information junkie, you need to start on your road to recovery.  Learn some serious time management and if you must learn something new, put a time limit on it.  Not only should you put a time limit on non-action tasks, but also make it part of learning time and separate out your productive time to get more done.  Information Overload is a real problem and it actually cripples many out there from taking action because they don’t have the wherewithal to know how to even take the first step.


For example, one way of taking steps to minimize information overload, was for me to unsubscribe from anything in my inbox that doesn’t bring at least some value into my life.  It means, I might have to take some sort of personal action to complete a task that I’ve been putting off instead of picking up another learning material.  You seriously already have all you need to know about becoming successful.  I guarantee if I interviewed you about what it takes to be successful, you will give me your version of the success path you would take.


Real Life Examples of Getting Off the Information ‘Drug’

  1. Understand that knowledge is power, yet too much knowledge is a crippling disease.
  2. Limit your time to information learning and spend more time on the ‘Doing’ part.  It’s all about the mechanics of getting things done.
  3. FOCUS, FOCUS and FOCUS.  Did I say FOCUS?
  4. Know that the internet is a tool, it shouldn’t be spent playing 5 hours of ‘Farmville’ a day!  What’s your pet peeve on this?
  5. Form a Mastermind or get a Financial Mentor instead to give you real life leverage over other methods of ‘theory’ learning.
  6. Stop going from learning one ‘Shiny’ product to the other and not being a master at any one thing.  This is a huge problem in the make money online and other spaces.

Of course, you may want to add your own ideas above as it’s only a guide.


Now What?

So you’re a recovering information addict just like me, so what now?  Well, for starters, in my case I want to make every minute of productivity count and cut time consuming ‘learning’ activities to a minimum.  To ‘cut the fat’ per say.  Let’s say I want to write a book and I’ve gathered all the resources and research to get it done.


Well, being that I really wanted to get this done it is a lot more fruitful for me to spend about 20% action to gain 80% of the results.  This is known as the 80 20 rule and you apply to yourself as well.  This may mean that I spend 20 minutes on research and learning and the majority of my time doing the activities that will help get my book published.


To give you a real life of getting things done, I just completed my Minutes to Millionaire Mindset audio guide and I did it less than a week.  This also wasn’t me working on it full time as well, just the most productive hours here and there and outsourcing what I really needed in terms of graphics, other people’s expertise on how to complete processes and what not.


I’ve been taking the negatives of being an information junkie, gaining some leverage and using what I’ve learned to create even more leverage.  It makes more sense implementing than listening to me rant on it.  Again,  more about the mechanics of doing and less about spending all your time learning.


Here’s a great video on just what the dangers of information overload may be doing in your own life:

YouTube: Information Overload and Getting Organized

Couldn’t have explained it better myself, if you don’t know why information overload is so dangerous to getting what you want done, then please re-read this blog post.


I’ve given you some real gold nuggets in this post and why too much information will simply paralyze you.  We’ve talked about how this abundance of learning material simply can lead to information overload.


I’ve really hit on the point of having that complete Focus and taking massive action that you need to become more valuable and get more productivity in your life.  Productivity for things worthwhile can build serious value, serious value can make you wealthy and live a life of your dreams.


Resources Mentioned:  Minutes to Millionaire Mindset

Are you a suffering, information junkie?  Relate your story and join me in the discussion by commenting on this post.

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  • I found I had to unsubscribe from most email lists as well (as you can see i’m still subscribed to yours ;-)). All of these “gurus” who send only emails plugging the latest greatest press one button and the world will magiacally throw you tons of cash software programs. once I had cleaned up my email boxes – need to do it again actually – I found my mind was clearer as I didn’t have to worry about reading all of those emails. Filters also helped to no end.

    Focus, I too believe is the most important aspect in getting things done. I read that study too about multitasking and found that if I thought of an idea that I thought would be useful if I wrote it down in an Ideas book I could go back to it later and continue to focus on what I was doing. I may never get to those ideas but they are there if I need them and as I knew I could access them I let them go at the time and focused and got stuff done.

  • Anonymous

    Excellent feedback, money king.  We really do live in a world of distractions and it’s important to really filter out the rubbish and become productive again.  So many people are very busy but it doesn’t mean they are productive.  Thanks for sharing. 

    Dwight Anthony

  • Anonymous

    Seems like procrastination is at it’s peak.
    I’ve notice some of this behavior happen to me earlier. I’ve recently gotten in to a game with rather diverse mechanics. Ended up doing more guide reading than placing more actual gameplay! This is just a cut the cake.

    I have to admit there is so much in the world to look at that we forget the tasks we need to do.

  • Anonymous

    Yes, procrastination and non-productivity is killer.  Effective ways of getting things done and getting rid of the dreaded information overload is the only way to go.



    Dwight Anthony