Catapult Your Job Interview Success With 10 Simple Steps

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It’s no surprise these days that many in unemployment could use a few cutting edge techniques when it comes to maximizing their job interview skills to land that highly anticipated position.


 So, how does one start?  How do you build effectiveness of interview skills for that promising job?  Allow me to share with you the secrets of my own success and what I’ve learned from others in the art of  the effective job interview.


First off, prepare your mental mindset for success.  Nothing will make you more poised for that new job than to have the positive mental mindset of a giant.  You want to walk into the interview room ‘knowing’ that you will walk out with a handsome job offer.  How do you become prepared mentally? 



You can start with daily affirmations at the start of your day to begin with.  Why at the start of your day to do affirmations?  Well, for starters, if you do affirmations at the start of your day, it will set your day up for success. Try positively reinforcing for at least 30 days and you will see a profound improvement in yourself mentally and your confidence will usually soar.


Do Your Homework

When you finally get called for that long awaited interview, you have to make it count.  Get a leg up on any competition by doing research online or offline of the company you will be interviewing with and anticipate some of the interview questions that you feel you’ll be grilled on.  Know this company inside-out.  It will impress those interviewers and could short list you for the position very quickly. Not only will you feel great and relaxed, but you will be alot more confident than those who didn’t prepare.


Here are some tips of when you actually enter the interview room. 

 1.      Exude confidence and greet each of your panel politely.

2.      Mention that you have heard good benefits of working for ‘ABC’ company.

3.      Answer each interview question as best you can.  Don’t pretend or lie about something you have no idea on how to answer.

4.      Always make good eye contact and smile slightly when you answer questions. 

5.      Mention your strengths to the interview panel, they’ll note these and why you may be a good fit.

6.      Don’t fidget or slouch in your chair, remain professional throughout the interview.

7.      Take your time in answering questions.  Absorb the question fully and then give a detailed, yet to the point answer.

8.      After the interview, shake hands with each of the interview panel, smiling, making eye contact and thanking them for the time, letting them know why you would like to work with them!


Follow up after the Interview

After the interview, your job still isn’t done.  You do want to make a lasting and positive impression for the job, right?  Here’s what I’ve done in the past.  Call reception of the company you just interviewed with and get the email addresses of the interview panel.  Then, also get the physical mailing address  / street address of the company.


Now that you have the above in hand, draft up a professional letter template in Word or similar addressing each of the panelists individually (separate letters). 


When done, print out all the letters to the panelists and file in an envelope.  All you have to do now is hand write each panelist name and physical address on the envelope. You’ll be sending out a sincere interview thank you, which in turn, will help you land the position.  If they are more than 10 people on the panel, write the top five for example.  When completed, hand deliver your thank you letters to reception and ask that they each get the letter or at least send by express mail.


Can you see just how professional this makes you seem or at least how much more ingrained you are in each panelists mind?  A powerful, yet effective set of techniques that could possibly double your chances of landing that job offer.


I really do hope this helps you if you are unemployed or maybe in between jobs and looking to land a new position. 


I’m also really interested in what you have to say about job interviews and maybe add your views, join the conversation by posting below!

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  • Angela Cute

    It is very important to ask the right questions. Most
    interviewers like the candidates to have some questions. This shows their
    interest in the position. Do some homework and prepare a list of questions. The
    questions may relate to the future goals of the company or policies. Make sure
    that you sound interested in the future of the company.

  • Anonymous


    It’s amazing to me how many people show up in their normal or too casual clothes and a lackluster attitude about the position and then wonder why they didn’t get the position.  This is definitely the time and place to be at your ‘best’ and putting your best foot forward.