Learn to Breathe


It is very important for us to learn to breathe properly in order to enjoy a variety of benefits to our health and vitality. Breathing is not just important to normal life but to get more oxygen into the body and ultimately through the lungs dispersing it to cells e.t.c. So, why am I asking you to Learn to Breathe? I am not talking about your normal breaths that you take in order to live, I am instead talking of breathing deliberately a certain amount of times per day. It is important to get oxygen into the lungs and exhale out fully carbon dioxide (Co2). Oxygen plays a very important role in the biochemistry makeup of our bodies. In it’s more simple form, getting good oxygen into the body will result in healthier cells and so forth.


Breathing as an Exercise

What I would I would recommend as a breathing exercise can be practiced almost anywhere you may be – sitting at work, reading a book, exercising and so forth. Here is a simple breathing exercise I recommend:

     (1) Breathe in a full breath of oxygen and hold your breath while counting to 10 . (Do only a 5 count. If this is hard for you)

     (2) Breathe out slowly, but fully and do a 20 count on your exhale.

     (3) Repeat around 3 times.

Once you have the feel for this exercise, practice this technique a few times a day. You will soon notice that you have a little more energy (or even a lot more) and your stamina and focus may become more pronounced. So, get out there and really concentrate on this breathing exercise so that it becomes a normal part of your day in addition to your normal breathing.

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