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This is a tough one but absolutely possible. For you to excel, you need to learn to work with and leverage the help of others. Remember, no man is an island on to himself. When we learn to work with others, we develop a sense of comradery and get more things done. Think of it this way, if you have a bakery business and you decide you don’t want the help of others because of quality control e.t.c., how long do you think it will be before you are suffering from burnout and have to close your doors. Now, picture the exact same example, but you have a system and team of employees on your side. Some doing the baking, some handling the cash orders, some taking care of the books. Do you think this is a more efficient as well successful model?

Those that try to go and do it alone end up making more mistakes and end up wasting more time than if they had worked with the correct people in the first place. Take for example if you work at a business, you may have a few bosses over you. You could take the approach; these bosses are all lame and meant to keep you down? While others may take the approach that those in a higher position than them are in those positions due to having a small amount more experience or having more knowledge than them. They usually will use these people as a knowledge store on information and learn from them.

If you leverage the ability to work with others, you will gain momentum faster just like in my recent ‘Get a Mentor’ Post. Think of it this way, if you were playing a simple game of tug of war and on one end were three people and the other end was just you – who do you think would win? However, add two more people to your side in the tug of war example and now it’s a fair game that anyone’s capable of winning. So is life. The quicker we learn to work with others and use them as stepping stones, the quicker success comes to us. You can either choose to learn and work with others or forget about everybody and be your own island. When you burn bridges it’s hard for even you to make it back to the other side.

Build a network of close leads

Lastly, I would recommend you build on a network of close leads throughout your life. When you go ahead and network yourself, not only do you make friends, but your group becomes something of a master mind group. For example, you might be looking at some startup capital for your small business. You might find that in your network contacts, you have a mortgage broker friend who in turn puts you in touch with a buddy of his who is an Angel investor (small business). So, take from this lesson the way you need to go forward to learn to work with others for your benefit.

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